November 2016 - Page 28

AERO collection Evatik MATCH Match Eyewear is taking the AERO collection in a new direction with lighter-than-air styles and “click and twist” screw-less hinge technology. WESTGROUPE The key trend in eyewear design is a focus on lightweight materials for Westgroupe. Titanium, beta titanium, stainless steel and high density, ultra-thin acetate are the “must-have” materials. “Titanium, despite its higher cost, has become more and more desired, particularly for men,” says Beverly Suliteanu, vice-president of product development at Westgroupe. “For the Evatik fall collection, we expanded our titanium selection with the launch of two new titanium models. With a block titanium front and beta titanium temples, E-9133 and E-9135 are almost weightless and incredibly comfortable due to the flexibility of the beta temples.” The company said it’s constantly experimenting with the mixing of materials in order to develop new and interesting design elements. High-octane accent colours and screwless hinges add a “sporty element” to the designs, Suliteanu says. The collection, consisting of three styles for men and one for women, offers the latest advancements in screw-less hinge technology combined with the weightlessness of injected acetate. “With a mere “click” and “twist,” the temples can be interchanged with an alternate colour, allowing the end consumer the ability to customize their frames to their personal colour preferences,” said Ethan Goodman, president of Match Eyewear. “Our new screw-less hinge technology makes light work of changing temples with three easy steps.”