November 2016 - Page 26

LATEST AND GREATEST IN EYEWEAR TECHNOLOGY THE LATEST FRAMES ARE USING TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS TO COMBINE STYLE OPTIONS, DURABILITY AND COMFORT FOR THE CONSUMER. THE MOST POPULAR MATERIALS IN DEVELOPMENT HAVE A FOCUS ON LIGHTWEIGHT, BUT DURABLE DESIGNS, WHILE THREE-BARREL, FIVE-BARREL AND SCREWLESS HINGES OFFER VARYING OPTIONS IN MODEL TYPES TO COMPLEMENT THE CRAFTSMANSHIP OF EACH COMPANY'S LATEST STYLES. By Troy Patterson Hinge designs offer a variety of different supports for different types of plastics and metals with durability suited to the ever-changing lifestyle needs and environments of consumers. Triplebarrel hinges can offer quality support, while five-barrel hinges can up the ante in frame support, both designed like a standard door hinge, but with a small screw fitting the zipper-like barrels together, with more barrels generally increasing the durability of the frame. Screwless hinges and integrated spring hinges are also options for sports needs, or at times when consumers want to keep their frames snug to their temples. They can also be used in varying styles to achieve the look and durability that suits the need of the consumer. With companies showcasing their 2016 fall and winter collections, companies like Westgroupe, OGI Eyewear, Centennial Optical and Match Eyewear have new styles and designs that use unique hinge designs, lightweight materials and combinations of acetates and metals to offer options that stand out in a competitive marketplace.