November 2016 - Page 25

Tura Inc. Tura Inc. has expanded its high-tech TITANflex brand, which features frames that are super flexible at the bridge and temple, ultra-lightweight, comfortable and less breakable than traditional frames. “These TITANflex styles are sophisticated and modern, with a unique construction not common for memory metal product,” says TITANflex brand manager Jelena Halliburton. “The use of acetate materials on fronts, flat sheet memory metal bridge and pierced temples create a strong styling voice that inspires confidence and individuality. “The models also have a focus on performance accents, masculine colours and create visual interest.” Model 827013 has interesting architectural details and is suitable for men who require a strong, resilient frame that is able to withstand everyday abuse. The modern and youthful rectangle in styles 820695 and 820696 has a direct soldered sheet memory metal bridge with sporty rubber-coated temples which are smooth to the touch. The colour blocked section of the temple 2'V&&W"fW"V'WFGV&W2F2w2FRg&RFfWB&V@WFBFB6VvW2fW&vP7&rvRࠥ'VrF०'VrFffW'0RV6R'V&&W"fW( 7Ff^( g&W2fW F֖27GW2WrfW'6FRFW&'V&&W"FW&&fFP6WFVǒfW&R@f'GVǒFW7G'V7F&PFFRg&W2&Pg&VRg&G2@WF'G2B&7@FW7F&RVG&fW&RvRpFV&W6ƖVB@V7FvV"ࠤfW&RBV'&V&Rg&W2&P6f&Rf"G2bvW2ࠤF6&6fV&W"#b#P