Notre Dame Catholic School Annual Report - Page 12

Enrollment Review


Notre Dame saw growth in its student population for the sixth straight year in 2015.

An additional section of first grade was needed to meet the new demand for classroom space. Pre-K4 and Kindergarten were also both at or near full capacity, with eyes set toward additional classroom splits in the year to follow.

Again, the student population boasted international students who represented 13 different countries. The school’s relationship with Sheppard Air Force Base and the international student program continued to bear fruit, offering our American-born students a truly diverse and enriching experience alongside their foreign-born classmates.

Under the direction of new Principal Michael Edghill, assistant Principal Melissa Gorley and Director of Enrollment Matt Ledesma, Notre Dame is poised to continue its rising trend and mission of forming disciples of Jesus Christ.

Did You Know?

Our School Has Grown 31% Over The Past Five Years