Notre Dame Catholic School Annual Report - Page 11

The News at NDCS


Notre Dame Catholic High School has seen several iterations of student-produced publications during our past 50 years.

The Knight, our award-winning school yearbook, is up to volume 42 and printed an historic issue this past year celebrating the high school’s half-a-century anniversary.

In 2015, Mr. Matt Ledesma (Class ’04) began teaching a Digital Communications course at the Upper Campus. The class’ goal was to facilitate an ongoing student-produced product that featured the daily happenings and noteworthy updates of Notre Dame Catholic School. What followed through humble beginnings was the birth of two new digital products, the Knight Life and KnightCast.

The Knight Life is a monthly e-magazine with articles, photos and videos submitted from members of the Digital Communications class. Each month, the staff of the magazine tries to cover all the exciting events and newsworthy stories that go on every day at both campuses. Magazine issues are posted and available to read each month on the Notre Dame web site.

KnightCast is a student-produced internet broadcast that features both news and feature video segments. Student anchors give the NDCS community weekly updates on school events, while our reporters delve into the lives of the students, staff and parents who make up our school community.

The class also produces short comedic video clips, as well as advertising materials for the school’s marketing department.

As the digital-media field continues to evolve, so to will the class’ productions. We hope you continue to enjoy reading and watching our students' creative minds at work.