Notes from Wales Issue 1: Autumn 2014 - Page 2

Notes from Wales Autumn | 2014 1 Welcome - Sheila McGregor, director, Axisweb 2 Interview with Karen MacKinnon The director and curator of Artes Mundi tells us what to expect from this year’s show From our correspondents in... 3 North Wales - Alana Tyson Our north Wales correspondent on why she loves the region and its art scene 4 Mid-Wales - Rebecca Spooner From established galleries to one-off projects, there’s plenty to see in mid-Wales 5 West Wales - Alicia Miller Alicia Miller introduces the varied scene in west Wales 6 South Wales - Bob Gelsthorpe Bob welcomes the artist-led activity that’s springing up in south Wales 7 Interview with Helen Sear Find out about the artist representing Wales at next year’s Venice Biennale 8 Steffan Jones-Hughes - Creative Vultures Artist Steffan Jones-Hughes rants about artists taking other people’s ideas 9 In Focus - Sarah Younan Watch our film about ceramicist Sarah Younan and her pioneering work with the collection at the National Museum of Wales Philip Watkins, M4, 2012 Acrylic on canvas 10 Ruth Jones profiled by Ciara Healy An introduction to the work of artist and curator Ruth Jones 11 Notes from Wales - Alicia Miller Outlining the programmes supporting emerging artists in Wales 12 Directory of Axisweb members in Wales Cover image: Karen MacKinnon, director and curator, Artes Mundi NOTES FROM WALES | AUTUMN 2014 1