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PWGA NOTES & QUOTES Spring 2015 PWGA Notes & Quotes Pacific Women’s Golf Association Spring 2015 San Juan Oaks Golf Club President’s Message by Joanne Holman It is my pleasure to serve as your president this coming year. I never thought that when I joined PWGA in 1982 I would be in this position. It is truly an honor to give back to an organization that has given me the opportunity to play tournaments and add so many friendships to my life. I recently attended a meeting of women’s golf association from all over the US. Every association from Maryland to Nevada to California has the same problems facing them in 2015. Membership is declining. How do we increase participation in our local clubs is the big question. According to an article in the Washington Post on March 5, 2015, written by Drew Harwell, “the number of Americans who said they played golf at least once a year has fallen to its lowest point in years. The number of young people, aged 18 to 30, playing the game has sagged nearly 35 percent over the last decade.” The problem is OURS to solve. And it will not be easy. Members have suggested many different ways to increase our membership. Our Area Directors will be our primary contact in setting up events for attracting new members. You can help by mentoring, inviting friends to Girls Night Out, Junior Events or grabbing any lady with a golf club in her hand. The only way to really make this an effective campaign is for each individual to make it their responsibility to attempt to bring in a new golfer or an old golfer who is without a club. PWGA’s Membership has declined and we need to work at turning it around. I want to encourage all members to take advantage of the tournaments scheduled for this year. See you on the course. Joanne Holman In This Issue Page 2 Pace of Play! Page 3 2015 Executive Board Hello from Stockton! Page 4 2015 Tournaments Page 5 Hello from Monterey/South Bay!