Norwex UK 2018 Spring Catalogue - Page 54

CREATE A Brighter Future FOR YOUR FAMILY! Join people around the globe who are achieving a commission while helping friends and family to create Safe Havens. Receive 25% Commission • Help others radically reduce chemicals in their homes • Receive lots of FREE product and receive a commission • Receive exciting incentives and trips • Join a community of sharing and support Real People. Real Impact. Rhoda Walker Executive Sales Leader Craigavon, Northern Ireland Leanne Jenkinson Team Coordinator Craigavon, Northern Ireland All you need to get started is your free* Party Starter Kit! 54 I love the opportunity that Norwex has to offer - to own your own business with no financial outlay and to be able to work this business round family life. As a busy mum of 4, living on a farm, my Norwex business fits round a very busy schedule. I enjoy an excellent income through sharing our products at the times which suit me; also earning free products, exclusive products and free holidays!! Norwex is a lifetime opportunity - to DREAM BIG and watch those dreams come true. I want to share this dream with others - there is a place for everyone with Norwex! I began my Norwex journey as a customer. I have 3 small children, and to know that Norwex makes our home a healthier and safer place is fabulous! Not to mention the fact that it saves me time and money...both of which can be in short supply with a young family! I joined the company because I wanted free products for my home...but I soon realised that Norwex could offer me so much more. In just a few months with the Company, I have seen both the health and financial benefits it can offer, as well as the freedom and flexibility to work my business around my family. I feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing and supportive company. And to get paid to share it with others is unbelievable! I am so excited about what is to come with Norwex I can hardly sit still! Our Free Party Starter Kit Kick off your business with our most popular products, plus all the supplies you need to hold your first parties. *A Starter Kit will be provided to you upon enrollment. If you submit a minimum of £1,125 / €1,500 in Subtotal A Sales** within your first 90 days your kit will remain Free. If your sales are less than £1,125 / €1,500 within your first 90 days, you agree to be billed £150 / €199. The content of the Party Starter Kit may vary. 55