Norwex UK 2018 Spring Catalogue - Page 46

MAKE Bath Time GOOD CLEAN FUN FOR LITTLE ONES! Product Review "The 4-in-1 Kids Wash was crucial to me when our little one was young. The smallest amount spreads very easily and that makes such a difference now that he is a squirmy toddler. Bath time continues to be safe, stress-free and efficient - ticking all my boxes as a new Mummy." A portion of the proceeds from each Kids EnviroCloth® benefits the Norwex Foundation for a Brighter Future and the charitable programs it supports. Product WITH Purpose! Since the beginning of our Charitable Initiative in 2013, Norwex has donated over £435,000 / €515,000 to Consultant-nominated nonprofit organisations through our worldwide giving programmes. This year, we hope to create a bigger impact in our communities by donating at least £40,000 / €45,000 to the Norwex Foundation for a Brighter Future in support of these giving programmes. Create a Safe Haven for your children, while helping us reach our goal, with your purchase of a Kids EnviroCloth! Remi Crisp, Sales Consultant Hornsey, London Kids EnviroCloth Size: 2  5 cm x 25 cm / 9.84" x 9.84" Item #: 300405 £11.49 / €14.49 From 1st January to 31st December 2018, a minimum of £40,000 / €45,000 of the proceeds from sales will support the Norwex Foundation for a Brighter Future and its charitable programmes, creating brighter futures for generations to come! Kids Dusting Mitt Kids Window Cloth Size: 19 cm x 15 cm / 7.48" x 5.91" Item #: 300403 £10.49 / €12.49 Size: 3  0 cm x 30 cm / 11.81" x 11.81" Item #: 300402 £11.99 / €15.49 4-in-1 Kids Wash With lots of bubbles and a fresh, happy scent, our 4-in-1 Kids Wash effectively replaces four products—body wash, bubble bath, shampoo and conditioner—reducing the number of products and chemicals your little one is exposed to. The gentle foam contains an exclusive blend of biodegradable and sustainable ingredients that leave skin and hair feeling silky soft and clean. And did we mention it makes tonnes of long-lasting bubbles? Free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates B7FWF0g&w&6W26S#3bFV3C3cb *3#㓒(*#BCG2FvVC`vFG2'&vB6W'2B6gB7WW"'6&&VB֖7&f'&RN( 2FPVFFRG2FvVWG&F6֖7&f'&RW2BW"W6W7BWBBW"6G&VvfRF2FvV( 2WW&W2v&FBfVfWG6gFW726VFW2&46*F&7FW&vVBFVVƖ֖FPVBgVvB&7FW&FW"vFFRFvVआGf"vsG&W2V6ǒ6S#6s6Cr#B"#rSb FV33&&VRvF&vRG&ФFV33W'RvFƖRw&VVG&Ь*33r㓒(*C2㓐&'&G66W"fW'62bW"7FF&@6R&G6F2FW6R7WW"6g@6F2&RFVf"FVƖ6FR6b&&W2B6G&VFW6RvFW&gV&'vW2vFFFVB6V֖626S#6#6rr"rr FV3337FV6W'0*3㓒(*BC6WBb0&'FVBFvV6W@F26gBfVfg7WW"'6&&V@6WB6VFW2FVBFvVBf6R6FFVf Wv&&FFFFW"आFVBFvVâ663"3 f6R6F3R63R6""""" FV33֖Bw&VV*33"C(*3㓒6WBb G2WBFG'W"G2vfRFR7WFRFg2BFR7VFFǐ6gFW72bFW6R6VR֖7&f'&RBFvV2FPW7Bf"FV^( fRFRF&7FW&&W'FW2`W"W6W6fR&46*6VbW&grvVBvFFP6FFR6fVVBvW"W2BV7FpvW&RBN( 2w&VBf"vV^( &RFRv@F&RW6VB2F6S63R6B2"2 FV33PrFV33BVrFvW FV33p'&v&V"FV33bw&WGFV*3bC(*㓐C