Northwest Aerospace News April | May Issue No. 2 - Page 8

Stoddard International BUILDS ITS BUSINESS FROM A BOEING FOUNDATION By Dean Cameron From composites manufacturing to a wide variety of commercial aerospace clientele. VP of Operations Dave Ghosn C ompanies in the composites industry grow in an atmo- sphere of complexity and often-shifting demands by clients, as well as meeting the expectation of “helping the client to make their delivery on time” under dynamic circumstances. The Pacific Northwest is home to several of these industry magicians, Stoddard International being one, known for its top-notch wizardry. President and CEO of Stoddard International, Bruce Hamilton, shares their history. Stoddard began as Stod- dard-Hamilton Aircraft in 1980 and was responsible for the development of the Glasair Aircraft in 1980. That same year 8 NORTHWEST AEROSPACE NEWS President | CEO Bruce Hamilton they participated in the EAA AirVenture (the world’s largest experimental aircraft gathering) in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. In 1987 Boeing approached Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft to solicit their composite manufacturing skills for an offload program Boeing was undertaking. Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft became two separate companies in 1989, as Stoddard International pursued the contract manufacturing business with Boeing. For the next several years, Stoddard Interna- tional manufactured composite parts, as well as “finishing” Boeing-made panels with a process known as “Fill and Fare” for the Boeing 747. Fill and fare involves spraying filler on a surface and sanding until completely smooth.