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Northern Ireland 40under40 List 2017

Brokers as Marketing Manager , a position she has confidently led ever since . Her role has seen her involved in every aspect of Abbey ’ s business in Northern Ireland – from day­today branch management to Head Office requirements .
In looking towards the future , Michelle will continue to help establish Abbey ’ s vision of being local , to everyone , and firmly at the heart of the local community . www . abbeyinsurance . co . uk
CHRIS McVEIGH , Ulster Bank
Chris has worked in the financial services industry for over 19 years at all levels , with line management responsibility for large teams and vast experience of the retail banking industry , including consumer products , customer sales , service and compliance .
He provides strategic business objectives with stretching marketing and development plans . A key strength is creating a culture of continuous improvement through the provision of leadership , vision , policy , strategy and entrepreneurial thinking .
Chris welcomes challenge and prides himself on thinking creatively to drive business performance , exceeding KPIs . He is passionate , energetic and uncompromising , with a burning desire for business and personal success .
He was most recently awarded Young Leader of the Year 2016 . Chris is currently studying for his Masters in Business Development & Innovation at Ulster University and has stared a new position of Director Business Banking . www . ulsterbank . co . uk @ mcveighc4
CHRISTOPHER NEILL , Cleaver Fulton Rankin Christopher joined law firm Cleaver Fulton Rankin as a trainee in 2008 and progressed swiftly to his appointment as a Director in the Banking Team in 2015 due to his passion , leadership potential and commitment to growing the practice .
Christopher specialises in all aspects of banking and finance and advises leading local
40 www . businessfirstonline . co . uk
and global banking institutions , investors and borrowers on matters including general corporate lending , project , real estate and structured finance .
Christopher is recognised in the local market for his breadth of knowledge and ability and service delivery .
Christopher supports the Northern Irish business community through his membership of the CBI 35 under 35 Forum and is involved on a voluntary basis with the board of a local arts organisation .
HELEN O ’ DOHERTY , The Macklin Group
Helen is an experienced HR professional and prior to her role on the Board of Directors with the Macklin Group she had a background in legal / financial services and the manufacturing sector .
Helen has played a key role in the modernisation of the business delivering a new vision and strategy creating a culture of excellence and continuous development .
She is a strategic thinker combined with strong leadership skills and the ability to deliver innovative people solutions aligned with business goals .
Helen has proven experience in facilitating business transformation and change management initiatives enabling the Company to develop and retain the best talent to sustain the business and achieve future growth ambitions .
Some of Helen ’ s most significant career achievements include being awarded the CIPD accolade for ‘ Best Talent Management Programme ’, as well as being finalists for ‘ Innovative Employer ’ at the Irish News
Awards and ‘ Best Company to work for ’ at the
Belfast Business Awards . www . macklincarehomes . com @ HelenHaran
WARREN POLLY , Wave & Wake
An excellent work ethic is certainly a foundation of my values , to balance this with family and recreational time is a challenge , but one I love . In terms of behaviours , I approach my business model from the customers perspective . I identify what is important to the customer in terms of service and quality , then work back from there , back to may daily day­to­day processes to ensure the customer has an excellent shopping experience .
In summary , I aim for Wave and Wake to be the Chain reaction Cycles of the water sports world . We have the expertise , the brands and in the near future , the selling platform to make this happen . www . waveandwake . com @ waveandwake
JILL ROBB , Origin Digital Jill , Digital Marketing Director at Origin Digital , is well known in the digital arena as an online marketing expert and internet strategist . With a vast array of experience in ecommerce , social media and internet marketing ,
Jill ' s approach is both refreshingly energetic and commercially astute . Over the past 12 years Jill has worked with High Street retailers such as Levis Europe and Toys R Us as well as household names such as Johnson & Johnson and financial institutions such as Danske Bank , who have all experienced first­
NORTHERN IRELAND 40UNDER40 LIST 2017 Northern Ireland 40under40 List 2017 Brokers as Marketing Manager, a position she has confidently led ever since. Her role has seen her involved in every aspect of Abbey’s business in Northern Ireland – from day­to­ day branch management to Head Office requirements. In looking towards the future, Michelle will continue to help establish Abbey’s vision of being local, to everyone, and firmly at t )Ёѡչ)ܹ她Ʌլ)݅ɑ́a Ё ѼݽɬˊdЁѡ) Ё ͥ́݅ɑ̸)ܹɕ̹)!!Ʌ) !I%MQ=A!H9%10) !I%L5Y% )ѥѥ̰ٕѽ́)ɽݕ́ѕ́ՑɅ)Ʌєɽаɕхє)Սɕ) ɥѽȁ́ɕ͕ѡ)ɭЁȁ́ɕѠݱ)䁅͕٥ٕ) ɥѽȁ́ѡ9ѡɸ%ɥ͠)ͥ́չѡɽ՝́͡)ѡ $ԁչȀԁմ́ٽٕ)ٽչх䁉ͥ́ݥѠѡɐ)́ɝͅѥ) !I%L5Y% Uѕȁ ) ɥ́́ݽɭѡ͕٥)䁙ȁٕȀ啅́Ёٕ̰ݥѠ)Ёɕͥ䁙ȁɝ)ѕ́مЁɥѡɕх)䰁Ցյ)ɽՍ̰ѽȁ̰͕ͅ٥))!ɽ٥́Ʌѕͥ́ѥٕ)ݥѠɕэɭѥٕ)̸ɕѠ́ɕѥձɔ)ѥս́ɽٕЁѡɽ՝ѡ)ɽ٥ͥ͡٥ͥ)Ʌѕ䁅ɕɕɥѡ) ɥ́ݕ́ɥ)͕ѡɕѥٕѼɥٔ)ͥ́əɵፕ-A%̸!)ͥєɝѥչɽͥ)ݥѠɹͥɔȁͥ́)ͽՍ̸)!݅́Ёɕѱ䁅݅ɑeչ)1ȁѡeȀظ ɥ́́ɕѱ)Ց她ȁ́5ѕ́ ͥ)ٕЀ%مѥЁUѕ)Uٕͥ䁅́хɕ܁ͥѥ)ɕѽȁ ͥ́ )ܹձѕɉլ)ٕ) !I%MQ=A!H9%10 ٕ)ձѽI) ɥѽȁ܁ɴ ٕȁձѽ)ÍɅɽɕ͕)ݥѱѼ́ѵЁ́ɕѽȁѡ) QԁՔѼ́ͥ)͡ѕѥѵЁѼ)ɽݥѡɅѥ) ɥѽȁ͕́́)٥͕́(ܹ͙ͥѽլ)!18?e=!IQd)]II8A=11d)]II8A=11d]ٔ!])ፕЁݽɬѡ́х䁄)չѥمՕ̰Ѽѡ́ݥѠ)䁅ɕɕѥѥ́)Ё$ٔ%ѕɵ́٥̰$)ɽ䁉ͥ́ɽѡ)ѽ́ѥٔ$ѥݡЁ)хЁѼѡѽȁѕɵ͕́٥)Յ䰁ѡݽɬɽѡɔ)Ѽ䁑䁑 ѿ ɽ͕́Ѽɔ)ѡѽȁ́ፕЁ͡)ɥ)%յ䰁$ȁ]ٔ]Ѽ)ѡ ɕѥ 危́ѡ݅ѕȁ)ݽɱ]ٔѡѥ͔ѡɅ́)ѡȁɔѡ͕љɴѼ)ѡ́)ܹٕ݅݅)ٕ݅݅)!18?e=!IQdQ5)ɽ)!́ɥ!Hɽͥ)ɥȁѼȁɽѡ ɐ)ɕѽ́ݥѠѡ5ɽ͡)ɽչ͕٥́)ѡՙɥ͕ѽȸ)!́啐ɽѡ)ɹͅѥѡٕͥ́ɥ)܁٥ͥɅѕ䁍ɕѥձɔ)ፕѥսٕ́и)ḾɅѕѡȁݥѠ)ɽͭ́͡ѡѼ)ٕȁمѥٔͽѥ́)ݥѠ̸ͥ́)!́ɽٕɥхѥ)ͥ́Ʌ͙ɵѥ)Ёѥѥٕ́ѡ) Ѽٕɕхѡ)хЁѼхѡͥ́ٔ)ɔɽѠѥ̸)M!éЁͥЁɕ)ٕ́Ց݅ɑѡ) %Aȃa ЁQЁ5)AɽɅd́ݕ́́+a%مѥٔˊdЁѡ%ɥ͠9))%10I= ))%10I= =ɥх))х5ɭѥɕѽȁЁ=ɥ)х́ݕݸѡхɕ)ɭѥЁѕɹ)Ʌѕи]ѠمЁɅ䁽ɥ)ɍͽѕɹ)ɭѥ))́ɽ́Ѡɕɕ͡䁕ɝѥ)ɍ䁅є=ٕȁѡЀ)啅́)́ݽɭݥѠ!Mɕ)ɕх́Ս́1٥́ɽQ́HU)́ݕ͕́́Ս́)ͽ()ͽѥѥ́Ս)ͭ ݡٔɥ