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( in alphabetical order )
ADAM CREE , 3EN Cloud A 26­year­old , Head of Marketing for Holywood based software company , 3EN , Adam is a focused and driven professional . Working within marketing since 2007 , and becoming a marketing associate for 3EN in 2012 , Adam has succeeded in proving the power of marketing for his organisation over the past 5 years .
Taking 3EN through a major brand change in 2016 , growing his team from 1 to 4 people , and delivering massive year on year growth which led to 3EN ’ s recognition as NetSuite ’ s Fastest growing UK and Ireland partner for 2016 .
His # 1 Priority is to see organisations succeed with top quality business services and solutions that encourage growth . In the future , he aspires for 3EN to become the # 1 recognised NetSuite partner in EMEA . www . 3EN . cloud Twitter ' handle ' @ 3EN _ Adam
DAVID CROZIER , The Centre for Secure Information Technologies ( CSIT )
David is Head of Strategic Partnerships & Engagement at QUB ’ s Centre for Secure Information Technologies ( CSIT ) and ECIT Institute . He leads on developing strategic partnerships with public sector organisations internationally , nationally and locally with a role or interest in cyber security research , innovation and policy .
He has overall responsibility for marketing and communications at ECIT , curates the annual CSIT Cyber Security Technology Research Summit , and co­ordinates its international export , exhibition and trade
show programme . David advises the NI Organised Crime Task Force Cyber Crime sub­group and is also a co­founder and shareholder of Liopa Ltd , a multi­award winning CSIT spin­out .
Previously he was a Product Manager at Lagan Technologies , IT Manager at Jinny Software Ltd and has held systems engineering and security policy advisory roles at the Northern Ireland Office . He also holds a BSc Computer Science and MSc Innovation & Entrepreneurship – both from Ulster University . www . csit . qub . ac . uk @ david _ crozier
Bloc Blinds founder , Cormac Diamond , is a past graduate of Queens University Belfast in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering . Cormac spent 6 years as a design engineer for Keylite Roof Windows in Cookstown , Co . Tyrone gaining experience of design , manufacturing and sales before starting his own business .
His initial venture was in Poland where he established a fabricating facility for metal components and assemblies . With the changing market conditions in 2008 , he diversified his business to include blinds , and in particular roof windows blinds , drawing from his previous experience and contacts within that market .
The product range was then expanded to include blinds for normal windows and this informed his belief that a market opportunity for a new , and better blind system that addressed the shortfalls in current designs was attainable , hence the creation of Bloc Blinds . www . blocblinds . co . uk @ blocblinds
RICHARD ELLIOTT , Webrecruit Ireland
Richard has been involved in the Recruitment and Recruitment Marketing sectors for 15 years . He started his career within the traditional recruitment sector before progressing to public and private sector recruitment advertising .
Witnessing at first hand the technological developments in the recruitment landscape , Richard was involved in the startup of Webrecruit Ireland in 2010 . As Managing Director , Richard has guided and developed Webrecruit Ireland from zero clients , in 2010 , to over 1,000 clients throughout Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland , significantly reducing recruitment costs .
Like most growing SME businesses Richard sets and drives the strategic direction for the organisation and also oversees the key areas of Sales , Marketing and Technological developments .
Webrecruit Ireland are continually looking to develop and revolutionize the Recruitment industry on this island and he was delighted to be presented , on behalf of Webrecruit Ireland , with ‘ Recruitment Innovator of the Year ’ through the Irish News Workplace and Employment Awards on two occasions . www . webrecruitireland . com @ Webrecruit _ Ire
EMMA GARRETT , Inspire Business Centre Emma is widely recognised by her peers as one of The Leading Business Advisers in Northern Ireland , with her work often used as an example of best practice by Invest Northern Ireland . To date she has provided advice and guidance to over 2000 businesses and has enabled over 500 individuals to access finance to start or grow their business . Emma ’ s particular specialism is digital marketing and has recently launched both # CastlereaghHour on twitter and Inspire Digital NI , a social enterprise which provides
www . businessfirstonline . co . uk
(in alphabetical order) ADAM CREE ADAM CREE, 3EN Cloud A 26­year­old, Head of Marketing for Holywood based software company, 3EN, Adam is a focused and driven professional. Working within marketing since 2007, and becoming a marketing associate for 3EN in 2012, Adam has succeeded in proving the power of marketing for his organisation over the past 5 years. Taking 3EN through a major brand change in 2016, growing his team from 1 to 4 people, and delivering massive year on year growth which led to 3EN’s recognition as NetSuite’s Fastest growing U [\[[\\܂ M\H[ܚ]H\YHܙ[\][ۜœXYY]]X[]H\[\\X\˜[][ۜ][\YHܛ [B]\KH\\\܈ SXYHHBXۚ\Y]Z]H\\[SQPKˌSY]\ [I SY[BUQԓ֒QTUQԓ֒QTH[H܂X\H[ܛX][ۈXY\ŠU B]Y\XYو]YX\\\ [Y[Y[]UP&\[H܈X\B[ܛX][ۈXY\ U H[PU[]]KHXYۈ][[]YXœ\\\]XXX܈ܙ[\][ۜš[\][ۘ[K][ۘ[H[[H]BH܈[\\[X\X\]H\X\ [ݘ][ۈ[XKH\ݙ\[\ۜX[]H܈X\][˜[[][X][ۜ]PU \]\B[X[UX\X\]HXB\X\[[Z] [[ܙ[]\]š[\][ۘ[^ܝ ^X][ۈ[YBܘ[[YK]YY\\HBܙ[\Yܚ[YH\ܘHX\ܚ[YBXYܛ\[\[HY[\[\Z\و[H H][pX]\[[U[[] ][\HH\HXX[Y\]Y[XY\UX[Y\][Bٝ\H[\[\[\™[[Y\[[X\]HXHY\ܞB\]Hܝ\\[[ٙXKH[šH\]\Y[H[T’[ݘ][ۈ [\[]\\8$B[\[]\]K˘] ]XX˝Z]YܛޚY\ԓPPPSSӑԓPPPSSӑ [[[\ܛXXX[[ۙ \B\ܘYX]Hو]YY[[]\]H[\[YX[X[[X[YX\[[[Y\[˂ܛXX[ YX\\H\Yۈ[[Y\܂^[]Hو[[ۋ˂\ۙHZ[[^\Y[Hو\YۋX[YX\[[[\YܙH\[\›ۈ\[\˂\[]X[[\H\[[\HB\X\YHXX][X[]H܈Y][\ۙ[[\[XY\ˈ]B[[X\]ۙ][ۜ[  B]\YYY\\[\[YH[[[\X[\و[[][™H\][\^\Y[H[۝X][]X\] HX[H\[^[Yš[YH[܈ܛX[[[\š[ܛYY\[YY]HX\]ܝ[]B܈H][]\[\[H]Y\YHܝ[[\[\Yۜ\]Z[XK[HHܙX][ۈو[˂˘؛[˘˝Z؛[”PTSS XXܝZ]\[[X\\Y[[Y[BXܝZ]Y[[XܝZ]Y[X\][œXܜ܈ MHYX\ˈH\Y\\Y\][HY][ۘ[XܝZ]Y[X܂YܙHܙ\[XX[]]BX܈XܝZ]Y[Y\\[˂PTSS]\[]\[HXX[][Y[[HXܝZ]Y[[\KX\\[Y[H\\قXXܝZ]\[[[ L \X[Y[‘\X܋X\\ZYY[][YXXܝZ]\[[H\Y[[ L ݙ\ K Y[Y]ܝ\\[[[\XXو\[[ YۚYX[BYX[XܝZ]Y[˂ZH[ܛ[QH\[\\X\][]\H]YX\X[ۈ܈Bܙ[\][ۈ[[ݙ\Y\H^H\X\›و[\X\][[XX[][Y[˂XXܝZ]\[[\H۝[X[H[][[]][ۚ^HHXܝZ]Y[[\Hۈ\\[[H\[YYH\[Y ۈZ[وXXܝZ]\[[ ]8&XܝZ]Y[[ݘ]܈وBYX\&HYH\\]ܚXH[[\[]\ۈ\[ۜ˂˝XXܝZ]\[[ BXXܝZ]\BSSPHTUSSPHTU [\H\[\[B[[XH\Y[HXۚ\YH\Y\\›ۙHوHXY[\[\Y\\[ܝ\\[[ ]\ܚٝ[\Y\˜[^[\Hو\XXHH[\ܝ\\[[ ]HH\ݚYYYXH[ZY[Bݙ\ \[\\[\[XYݙ\L []YX[X\[[H\܂ܛZ\\[\˂[[Xx&\\X[\XX[\H\Y][X\][[\X[H][Y\\XY\ۈ]\[[\BY][KHX[[\\HXݚY\˘\[\ٚ\ۛ[K˝ZŒ