Northeast Metro Business VHEDC 2018 - Page 8

ENG AG I NG F U T URE L EADERS VHEDC Northeast Metro Young Professionals visited the Ramsey County jail and had a brief Q & A session with public safety leadership that included Ramsey County Sheriff Jack Serier. NE METRO YOUNG PROFESSIONALS PROGRAM By Madison Beaupre E stablished by Vadnais Heights Economic Development Corporation in 2017, the NE Metro Young Professionals Program (NMYP) is a combined leadership and community engagement program. The program is geared for millennials – ages 18 to 25 – and aimed at engaging an emerging group of future leaders who are ready for further personal growth, civic engagement, career advancement and service in the NE Metro area. These young professionals work or live in the NE Metro area, have an interest in developing their leadership skills and civic involvement, and show potential for achieving a position of leadership in their professional or civic life. In its inaugural year, the VHEDC had 14 participants. The majority of the NMYP activities focus on cultivating leadership and help participants gain a better understanding of the local community. NMYP activities include community service opportunities, behind-the-scenes local tours, speakers and networking events. A well-established network is an important part of professional growth and development, which is why it is a key part of NMYP. The program also includes a community service project. Engaging in community service provides participants the opportunity to become active members of the community and has a positive impact on society. The hope is the members of the group will get involved with other community groups when they’ve “graduated” from NMYP. The participants have said NMYP has helped them to grow personally and professionally as well as gain different perspectives on how to gain more confidence and learn about the different resources available throughout the community. A core component of the program is leadership coaching offered by Nancy Hoglund, President of Hoglund Coaching. She provides strong guidance and mentorship to the group’s participants. Because Nancy works with many C-Suite level leaders, NMYP provides a unique opportunity for young professionals. A 2017 participant, Ia Yang says, “The biggest takeaway from this program was the networking aspect. In this day and age, it’s all about who you know Therefore, being able to connect in the community is certainly a benefit.”. VHEDC Executive Director Ling Becker says, “Employers are concerned about retaining their younger millennial workforce. This program is a great way for businesses to invest in their employees, give them exposure in the community where they work and allow them to gain valuable leadership skills. Thank you to Nancy Hoglund for her partnership with the VHEDC and serving as the leadership coach to the program. It added a vital component.” For more information about the NMYP program, contact Ling Becker: Madison Beaupre, an intern with VHEDC, is a senior at Waldorf University (Forest City, Iowa), studying Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. The biggest takeaway from this program was FRWGv&r7V7BF2FBvRN( 2&WBvRr&Vr&RFvWBWBFR6VG26W'Fǒ&VVfBFR'GVFW2FFW"FffW&VBGW2b'W6W76W0B&v旦F2v2W6Frf&FfRBgVBW2RrffVBB76FRWfW'R2FV"6&VW'2ञ( fRǒv&VBVf7GW&rGW7G&W26F2vfW2R6vB&WBvBFW'2FBFV"W'6R6&VrvFFW"֖V2v2vBfVVƖrv^( &RB6֖"WfV2F&VvWBW"6&VW'2BvR6VV6v2F2&w&VG2F&fW76BW'6w&wFखrfR"vVW&Ɨ7@fF2VvG2'W6W72wVFRb6VG&fP