Northeast Metro Business VHEDC 2018 - Page 7

ACCOUNTABILITY. CONFIDENTIALITY. INTEGRITY. PARTNERSHIP. T H E V H E D C I S A G R OU P O F BU SI N E S S L E A D E R S E N G AG I N G W I T H C OM M U N I T Y STA K E HO L D E R S T O E N HA N C E T H E E C O N OM IC V I TA L I T Y O F OU R C OM M U N I T Y. PASSION. F Debby Gustafson: VHEDC President, Twin Cities Metro or over 30 years, the Vadnais Heights Economic Development Corporation (VHEDC) has been comprised of great organizations and businesses working as a local pipeline of information and resources for the businesses in Vadnais Heights and the surrounding trade area. VHEDC investors are committed to making this area a great place to live, work and operate a business! Focused on fostering business growth through new business attraction, retention and expansion efforts, the VHEDC is just as essential and necessary today as when it was founded in 1984 by a group of community and business leaders. Operating as a private non-profit, the VHEDC helps to form key relationships with strategic economic development partners and serves as an advocate for our investing businesses and organizations. It is with the support of our investors that we are able to carry out the vision of the organization: To enhance economic development in the City of Vadnais Heights and the surrounding areas through the attraction, retention and expansion of existing businesses and industries. This will be accomplished by serving as a conduit of economic development resources, building collaborations with strategic partners and providing advocacy. If you are an existing VHEDC investor, we thank you for your commitment to the local business community. If you are not yet one, we invite you to join with us to continue in this important work! SOME OF WHAT WE DO: • Offer opportunities for local business leaders to network, gain business education and join in community service opportunities; • Advocate for local economic development by offering confidential, centralized business resources to key private and government contacts; • Provide insights on local real estate, business financing, marketing and other business related trends and resources; • Encourage business expansion and retention, and help facilitate projects; • Work with businesses, organizations and educational institutions to ensure a well-skilled workforce; • Support improved local infrastructure necessary for economic growth; and • Promote Vadnais Heights and the surrounding trade area with a positive business image. 7