Northeast Metro Business VHEDC 2018 - Page 63

ALLINA HEALTH HELENE HOULE MEDICAL CENTER The Allina Health Helene Houle Medical Center was planned for Vadnais Heights when the decision was made to close the Allina Health White Bear Lake Clinic. “We recognized a need to expand our services in the area,” says Angie Mellick, MD, lead physician for Allina Health Vadnais Heights Clinic. “Vadnais Heights and the surrounding communities are really growing, and we decided we needed more of a presence in the community for preventative health. The location is perfect, and we couldn’t be happier with the decision.” Since its opening the clinic has been able to do just that, seeing many new patients each month and bringing additional specialties to the clinic. The 56,000 square foot building is named in honor of Helene Houle, a longtime philanthropist, St. Paul businesswoman and wife of philanthropist John Nassef bB0vVB'FRFf2w&W@W6W2FW"VF6&fFW'27V66fR6&&VƗ6R'W F&VRvVV2`VƖ֗FVBw&WG&r"ffPg&VRW'6G&p6W762vFFFFFRvFR&V fB6V`VWfFRW"VF`66VF6֗GFVBFV&FGVG2@6G&V6WfRFV"WW&66R@vVW72v03SBff&BPfF2VvG2SS7&72g&FR7FFV7'G2&"wwrFvW&f֖ǖfB6Фv7&VFVB'&V666t$672b#pvVBbW&FVB'6fRb6&&VƗ6P6VG&BP6VG&BP3TPc@c@ƖVFfF2VvG26Ɩ03TPfVF26Уc