Northeast Metro Business VHEDC 2018 - Page 48

PRESIDENT ANGELIA MILLENDER TAKING CENTURY COLLEGE TO “NEW HEIGHTS” W hen Angelia Millender first set foot on Century College’s campus, the message displayed at the front entrance resonated immediately. “It said, ‘Your Bridge to Success,’ and that is exactly what I have spent my career doing – serving in and leading open-access institutions that further the vital goal of helping students bridge the equity and achievement gaps so that they can achieve at higher levels,” says Millender. Millender, who began her term July 2017, says helping Century College’s students achieve success will be at the heart of all she does. “I felt an immediate connection with the Century College students,” says Millender. “Through many conversations, I’ve seen that our students are outstanding and that they possess a true desire to be better than they are today, and I share that vision with them.” TWO-YEAR NATIONWIDE SEARCH The nationwide search for Century College’s new president that brought Millender to the campus for the first time lasted two years and included a wide range of stakeholders including students, faculty, staff and community leaders, 48 Vadnais Heights Business Guide & Community Profile along with leaders from the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system. Together, the group set out to find a leader who could meet the College’s unique needs. “We wanted a leader who could work collaboratively with students, faculty, staff, and community members to deliver on the College’s strategic plan and its promise to eliminate the racial achievement gap; create clear, supported pathways to transfer and employment; provide integrated support; and align and evaluate the College and its resources to meet these goals,” says Steven Rosenstone, former Chancellor of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System. In Millender, the search committee saw an experienced executive leader known for her track record of championing diversity and cultural competence. Since 2014, Millender had served as president of Olive-Harvey College in Chicago, Illinois. Under her leadership, the college implemented high-impact strategies that dramatically improved the graduation rate, the number of graduates earning cred ѥ́مՔѡյȁ)Ց́Ʌͥѥɽɕѥ)Ѽɕ丁%ѥѡ)ѕȁɽٕ́Ѽ)ՑЁɹՑЁ̰)͕ɕձѤȁɅ)ɽѡѵЁՍѥ)ѼЁMQ4ɽɅ)չɕɕ͕ѕՑ̰)եɕ̸ԁեЁ)͍́͡䁱ٕɅ)ѹ̸͡)Aɕ٥ͱ䰁5ȁ͕ٕ)ɥé ɽ݅ɐ ́ɥ)٥ɕͥЁȁՑЁ́)ɽЁа ɭ) 9܁eɬ́)Ʌѥ́ȽՑ)ٕЁѕɹ̰)IЁ5ɥ́Uٕͥ䁅́٥)ɕͥЁՑЁ͕٥̰)ՑЁ͕٥̰ɕѽȁɕ)а́)ȁѡձ丁Ḿ)ˊéɕɽ Mхє)Uٕͥ䁅ѕˊéɽ9ѥ)1ե́Uٕͥ䁥%̸)MQI9Q!9%9) =55U9%Qd) =99 Q%=9L))Ёݕ́Ѽȁѕɴ5)ɕ䁉䁉եѡ)չ䁍ѥ́͡ɕѱ)مՕ̃LѥݥѠ̰ѕ)չ䁝ѡɥ̰ɕ)ЁѼ̸q]݅Ё