Northeast Metro Business VHEDC 2018 - Page 28

ANNUAL VHEDC DINNER AND BUSINESS AWARDS 1 2 3 4 THA N K YOU, SPON S ORS ! Vadnais Heights Commons was sold out once again in 2017 to celebrate the year at the Annual Dinner and Business Awards ceremony. The event included a keynote speech – “What Makes Teams Great” – by Matt Birk, former Minnesota Viking, Super Bowl Champion and Pro Bowler. Every attendee of the VHEDC Awards Dinner received a copy of Birk’s book, “All-Pro Wisdom: The 7 Choices that Lead to Greatness,” which he auto Ʌѕ݅ɑ̸)AIM9Q%9MA=9M=H)AIQ9HMA=9M=IL((((Ĥ Ѡɽ̰ЁѼɥФ 5AѼ)5ɝՕɥєɔQȰ))I- ɽɽ ɥ)ɥͽ-ѡɥ55)9Ր(Ȥ1ЁѼɥФ5]ɍЁ)- ɱͽ(̤X(! AЁAɕͥ́-٥]) ɝմ(Ф,(M Mє(Ԥ,(幽єMȁ5Ё ɬY! )ᕍѥٔɕѽȁ1 (ؤ1ЁѼɥФ5Mɥ))(ܤAհѥȰI1Ս)ɕ-ɜ()Ý!́ ͥ́ե չAɽ)IMA=9M=IL) I危) %h)݅ɐ))5ͥYAѼ)M5щAѽɅ)Q 4 ѥٕЁ )Uɉéɴɕ͕