Northeast Metro Business VHEDC 2018 - Page 26

KEITH WARNER STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE AWARD Innovize Named in honor of a former director of the VHEDC, this award is given to a business that has shown a singular degree of excellence in the areas of business success, philanthropy and community service. John Ledy, Owner and President, Innovize Innovize was founded in 1958 as GML and changed its name in 2009. The company offers new thinking in custom development and manufacturing for the full product lifecycle, from early stage concepts to full-scale manufacturing and next-generation product planning for personal care, patient care, diagnostics and electronics markets. John Ledy, Owner and President, accepted the award and said, “We are honored to be recognized with the VHEDC Keith Warner Standard of Excellence Award. We are very proud of the contributions our associates make, both financially and in volunteer hours. We truly believe in making a difference in our community and living our company purpose everyday: Creating a Culture and Products that Improve People’s Lives. We owe a special thank you for the work of the VHEDC, as it was 30 years ago in 1987 that the VHEDC convinced us to move to Vadnais Heights and build our first facility. It was the work of several VHEDC members – Gerry Urban, Hank Tessier and Mike Bromelkamp – that was key to that decision. And it is the VHEDC that has helped make the last 30 years in Vadnais Heights a fabulous place to do business.” THE VHEDC BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Fair way C ollision and Automotive and MGC Diagnostics The VHEDC Business Achievement Award pays speci [X]H›][[\[Y\]۝[YH]H[\ܝH[Xۛ^KZ\^H\[ۈ[]][]H8$B[Z[K[ۙY\[\[Y[NMH8$ݚY\\Z[]H\[ۋ]][]H\Z\[XZ[[[B\X\\Y\[HܙX]\[]Y\\XK\HY[[\[Hѓ[Xܙ]\H܈QXYۛX”X[ YY H\H[ [H\][][[ۋ\]HZ\^H\[ۈ[]][]KYZ\ZY\[\ZYH [][]Hٚ[BQXYۛX[Y[ NM\˜Hؘ[YYX[XH\[B]\YۜX[YX\\[[›ۋZ[\]HXYۛX\[\܈B\[ܙ\\]ܞHX[X܋[H\] Z\^Hۙ\ZY 'H[&]H[ܙHY[ۛܙYXZ]HHQ\[\XY][Y[]\ H[H\HH\H^H]]BX[\ܝو\\Y\[\[][]KH]HY[YZ\’ZYܛHܛY[[Y™\\[[X^[[][]H]HYHۙX\[\[H[YH\[][ۜ\]YZ\’ZY[[H[]H[œ\ܝ\[][]K'B]\[SوQXYۛXZY 8'H\H[YXZ]H\œXۚ][ۈ܈\\[\XX\˂H[H[Y]H]ݚY[\\Y\[XXHX[\X\\ܙH\۝[YYX\˂\[YY[Y[\\ۂ\X\[ۙ]\H[][ۜ\Y[HܙX][[][\B\H[\YY\\H[Z[[H\B[^]YX]\H^Hܚ[]^HˈZ[\وHYZ\’ZY[][]H[]X]™[\YY\\Hܛ˸'BZ\^X\[ۘ[\BYXYۛX˘