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2017 WBLAEF Golf Tournament, chaired by Hallberg Engineering President Paul Fettinger. From left: Hallberg CEO Rick Lucio, daughter Samantha Lucio, Ashley Fettinger and father Paul. Scholarships administered by WBLAEF are awarded to students for a variety of reasons: to economically-disadvantaged students, for participation in extra- curricular activities; to graduating seniors who excel in specific disciplines; and, to students who exhibit strong leadership skills. Additionally, teachers and teams of teachers are awarded grants and fellowships that allow them to travel to conferences and for in-depth study time – all of which enhances their professional growth and their students’ classroom experience. The Angel Fund, managed by WBLAEF, is supported by the larger community and benefits families in need. The Closet, an extension of The Angel Fund, is a dedicated space where families in need browse through “anything that can be worn head-to-toe” for their District students. Hank says, “I’ve been involved with WBLAEF since 2012, and because our board has worked tirelessly to support the District’s programs, we’ve recently added several more scholarships. It’s been my experience that more and more nonprofits have become valuable at a grassroots level because they can be more fluid and responsive to their community’s specific needs.” Hank acknowledges strong donor and volunteer support from individuals, District’s alumni and larger community – including business partnerships – have all contributed to WBLAEF achieving its goals. One business partnership is with Hallberg Engineering, Inc. Founded in 1979 and located in White Bear Lake since 1984, HEI has specialized 20 Vadnais Heights Business Guide & Community Profile 2017 WBLAEF Gala was chaired by Andrea Loppnow, Marketing Coordinator for Hallberg Engineering (far right). Hallberg President Paul Fettinger is on her left. in mechanical and electrical engineering and technical design for K-12 and higher educational institutions throughout the U.S. In 2003, HEI created the Schools for Energy Efficiency™ (SEE) program in K-12 schools. Other HEI clients include retail, government, community, healthcare, restaurant/hospitality and industrial. Hank says, “Hallberg Engineering has been a great collaborator with the Foundation for several years. Hallberg President Paul Fettinger is on our Board of Directors and co-chairs our annual golf tournament. Our ܁ѽɹ)Ʌ͕Ȱͼ!ɟe)5ɭѥ ɑѽȁɕ1)͕ٕ́ѡɐɕ)ȁ ȁ1չɅ͕Ƚ%(ܰЁɅ͕Qѽɹ)ЁѡٔɅ́)1չݼѡ͔ɔѡ )́Ʌ̸+qQ ȁɅЃLمѼɥ(ЁՑ́х́ݕ)չ䁵̃L݅ɑ́Ѽ(ȁ啅ȁȁمѥٔɽ)Ѡ͍ѕ䁅)ɽѥ쁙ȁɕѥٔɽ́ѡ)̰ͥѡɔ쁅)ȁ͡չɽ)ɕѕѼݽɱՅ̰ͥѥ)ɹʹѠѹ̸́Ʌ)ɔ݅ɑѼ٥ՅՍѽ̰)ɽ́Սѽ̰ե́)Ʌѽ́ѼՑϊd)٥ɽхչх)ѥՑ́ѽ݅ɐ͍ѡё̰)ȁչ䁅ѡݽɱt)%ѥѼ!ɟéչɅͥ)̰!ɕ́ѡمՔ)] 1éɕͥݕͥєLѕ)1ߊéѥ͔q=ȁ)ݕͥєչܰ́ݕ)ȁչѥѼѕȁչє)ݥѠɽȁՑɕ͔)ѡ䁉ݡݔ)ɽ́Ʌ̻t)Iɑ́ẽqt)ݥѠ,ȁ͍́] 1ѥ)̰ͅq!ɜɥ́)ѕ]є ȁ1ͥ) ѠI1Ս!ɜ <$)ٔ]є ȁ1ȁ)ѕ͍́ɥЀиMݗeɔ)ٕ䁍ѕѼѡչ䰁Ѽ)ѡɥЁѡչѥݔ)݅ЁѼѥՔѥѡѡ)Ё݅ݔ܁ܸ=ȁ)́ɕѱ䁙ɽՅ䁕Սѥ+q=ٕȁѡЁ͕ٕɅ啅̰ѡɔݥ)ɕѥɥɽȁ)ɥݡ͕ѥ䁵)ե́չѥ%ѥѡɔ)ɔٕ䁙܁͍)Ց́݅ɔȁɥ)ٕ̰ͼѡ䁑eЁ͔Ѽ)ՔЁ́ɕȸ%ӊéٕɕ݅ɑ)ٽٕݥѠɥЀЁѡɽ՝)ѡչѥɽѥ)ɥ͡ɥ)ѽ䰁ѥݥѠՑ́ѕɕѕ)ɥ)͡ݥɥȁѕ́)ͽɥɥM͡)ȁ]є ȁ1ɕ!M+q́ɽՐɕͥ́ͥ)ݹ́ѡչ䰁!ɜ)ɥ́ӊéхЁѼٔ)Ѽɝѥ́ѡЁЁ)͍́ȁչ今t)ȁɔɵѥ݉ɜ)ɝɥ