Northeast Metro Business VHEDC 2018 - Page 15

District 621. Additionally, the Agricultural and Food Sciences Academy (AFSA), a public charter high school, is located in the City overlooking beautiful Lake Vadnais. Gentry Academy, a private sports-leadership school, is next-door to the Vadnais Sports Center. And Century College, the largest community college in Minnesota, is conveniently located nearly three miles away in White Bear Lake. The City’s commercial tax base is robust. Its business sector is corporate headquarters for H.B. Fuller, Short Elliott Hendrickson (SEH), IC System, and Knowlan’s (Festival Foods) Grocery Stores. Target, Walmart and eight auto dealerships have also “set up shop” within the City of Vadnais Heights. Additionally, the City has a growing retail-service sector composed of shops, restaurants and other amenities, such as Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market, Pet Supplies Plus, Noodles & Company, Punch Pizza, Starbucks and the annual St. Paul Farmers’ Market. In a 2016 Community Survey, a solid 97 percent of residents rate the quality of life as either “excellent” or “good;” but, the 37 percent rating of “excellent” is well above the median for suburbs within the Metropolitan Area. Residents are enthusiastically happy with their lives in the City. In Augu 7B#FR6GVVBFP7FFRbFR'B'F6W'f6R6VFW#@W6W2V&Ɩ2v&2f6ƗGf&R7FFB7V&RfB6VG&VBfF2VvG262FRv&Bvr622vVWFƗVBf"6VGWfVG26VFp2vF6FƖ2vffR'&Vf7G0BW&FvRF26B6W'fW20VVvBfVVRf"&fFRvVFFw2w&GVF'FW2&'FF'FW2@FW"f֖ǒ"'W6W72gV7F2f &W6FVG2B&W6FVG2ƖRfF27'G26VFW"6VVB#BfVGW&W2Gv&VwVFЧ6R6W&27V&Rf@7'G2FRB6VFrf"V&ǐ"f2vFR&vRb6R@GW&b&w&2B7FfFW2&RffW&V@F&Vv6VG&w&֖p'FW'2fF27'G26VFW"( 2vV@BW&FVB'&6W6VG&2`&V7&VF( 22RFFRvFR&V Rv&>( B&>( 6WFV2@FRVG2fWr&>( 6WFVFR6G2RFf&WG`&W7FW&G2BFV2( 2f&fVB6VG'B7VFW2BƖF( 0BffW'2V766W72FFRGv6FW0B֖VƗ27BV''BfF0VvG22r&VVw&VB6RFƗfRB2WffVBF( FW7FF( Цf"FR'W6W726VG6GfF6VvG26ЧfVF26У