Northeast Metro Business VHEDC 2018 - Page 12

VHEDC HONORS BUSINESS LEADERS I n 2017, the Vadnais Heights Economic Development Corporation presented several awards to outstanding individuals, for their excellence in business and their valuable contributions to the community. I’m proud of the active, vibrant role the VHEDC plays in our community. Our Young Professionals can make vital differences in the local business community, now and into the future, by being passionately active through the VHEDC.” BUSINESS LEADER AWARD: RISING STARS AWARDS: Mike Bromelkamp, Olsen, Thielen & Co. VHEDC Past President Kevin Whelan presented the award to Bromelkamp, a Principal in the Roseville office with more than 42 years of experience in accounting, auditing and consulting: “Mike is an exceptional business individual and leader in his field of work: managing corporate finance and supervising audits for his large firm. He’s had a long, strong commitment to Vadnais Heights and surrounding communities. He’s encouraged others to excel. He’s served on the Vadnais Heights City Council and been valuable to the VHEDC’s development, having served as Executive Director and Past President. He continues to be invested, mentoring our Young Professionals group. A constant advocate for sound business policies, he’s active with White Bear Chamber’s Governmental Relations Committee and Minnesota Chamber. Additionally, Mike serves on the Century College Foundation Board. When Mike’s on board any endeavor, you know great things will happen.” Northeast Metro area individuals, under the age of 40, re 镐)х͕٥Ѽѡȁ͕ͥ)9ѡЁ5ɼչѥ̸) ɽݥѠ唁ѽ݅ɐѡ)ɔͅq'eѡհձ)ѽՍѡɕѥ)5]ᕸYAɕͥЁ)Á 5ݕ)1ٔ) ɔ) Ʌє)]ᕸٕ͕́ɅɅѥ)́ݕ́́ɭѥQɕ)5ЁѵиMé)]є ȁ1ɕI䁙ȁ1)ݡɅ͕ɱ䀐)ͼ͡éѕȁȁѡ)ՅY! Յ)̸ٕ)I)̰)YAɕͥЁ)Iɽх)MՑ)ܹͥ٥Ѽ()Ý!́ ͥ́ե չAɽ))̃L)啐ݥѠ)ȁe)ͥ́ͥ(ذѡ՝)ٽٕݥѠ)ЁЁ)Ĺ͡ͅeѥՔɥѥ)ЁɅѥ́ѡ啅ȵ)丁MéѥЁY! )eչAɽͥϊdɽ݅)͕́Ё݅́Ѽɽ͕ٔ)ȁé̸ͥ