North Texas Dentistry Volume 8 Issue 3 2018 ISSUE 3 DE - Page 8

cover feature Melissa Rozas, DDS Dr. Rozas and her team are celebrat- ing an exciting milestone – her 20th year in private practice in Coppell. Two Decades of Growing Great Smiles by Tina Cauller by Shaping Great Attitudes This year, Dr. Rozas is celebrating an exciting milestone – her 20th year in private practice in Coppell. Following the comple- tion of her pediatric dental residency, Dr. Rozas and her hus- band Tim came to Coppell and have raised their two children Bryce and Lauren here as well. Her staff now includes 14 employees, including her associates, Dr. Loria Nahatis and Dr. Terra Compton, both board certified pediatric dentists. A day at the beach Who says going to the dentist is no day at the beach? For Melissa Rozas, DDS and her pediatric dental patients, it is! 8 NORTH TEXAS DENTISTRY | Dr. Rozas, originally from Galveston, brought her office to life with beach and surf themed accessories, ocean colors, murals and artwork, and even the surfboard she used as a young teen. “I love the ocean and I’d choose the beach over nearly any other vacation place,” she notes. “I’ve always found the beach to be relaxing, and I wanted to bring some of the fun and soothing qualities that I associate with the beach to my office.” Not only is the office beautiful, but her beach theme is appealing to all, including tots, teens, and adults. The concept for this unique office actually began more than four years before construction, according to Priscila Swearingen. “I began working with Dr. Rozas when she first opened the origi- nal office in Coppell in 1998. While we were there, we continu-