North Texas Dentistry Volume 8 Issue 3 2018 ISSUE 3 DE - Page 33

P R O F I L E your staff. Rather than sending any driver who is available, your dental staff will appreciate seeing the familiar face of a technician they recognize and trust. And, while large suppliers often rely on  massive 18-wheelers to deliver their product, the Tech Air delivery fleet includes both large and small trucks, so maneuvering through a small parking lot is never a hazard or an inconvenience for patients. Tech Air Matthew Rodriquez (214) 930-6691 email Tech Air acquired US Oxygen Supply (Arlington) and incorpo- rated the flagship name of Tech Air in 2017. Oxygen and nitrous oxide are essential to patient safety and com- fort in the modern dental practice. When everything is functioning properly, medical gases probably don’t command much of your attention. But each link in the supply chain – delivery, setup, mainte- nance, equipment, training, or billing – must perform at peak effi- ciency to provide consistent day-to-day convenience and crucial reliability in the event of an emergency. With Tech Air’s entrance into the Texas gas supply marketplace, dental practices will experi- ence the advantages of customer-first service excellence and a longstanding commitment to quality. Tech Air has been a leading provider of industrial, medical and spe- cialty gases, equipment and supplies since 1935. Tech Air provides the highest quality products, outstanding customer service, and expert technical support to customers throughout the United States. Tech Air is a family-run business, with family values and operates on the solid principles of respect, quality, hard work, and dedica- tion – an approach that has enabled them to thrive and grow in recent years. Tech Air has been providing medical and specialty gases to the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area since 2012. Tech Air offers a wide range of gases including carbon dioxide, nitrogen, nitrous oxide and oxygen, and also carries a wide range of safety equipment for your dental office. Delivery trucks fan out from their conveniently located Dallas facility daily, delivering medical oxygen to healthcare facilities. In addition, Tech Air provides CO2 for soda makers and helium for balloons. Tech Air provides its clients with medical and industrial gas in bulk, microbulk and cylinders, and uses only the latest model tanks and units. They offer reliable, same-day delivery, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provide an exceptional level of hands-on customer service. Rodriquez explains, “Tech Air technicians provide gas cylin- der installation and management, so your dental staff never has to risk injury moving a 200-lb. tank or struggle to hook a new tank up properly. We also provide ongoing preemptive maintenance and check for leaks to ensure safety and eliminate waste, and offer safety training to dentists and their staff members. Tech Air techni- cians maintain up-to-date knowledge of the newest trends in equip- ment and technology. Instead of changing out tanks every week on a regular route, Tech Air’s convenient and efficient approach will save you money. In most cases, dental practices use two tanks of oxygen for every tank of nitrous oxide. This makes the common practice of “routing” dental clients and routinely replacing tanks every week highly inef- ficient and wasteful. When technicians are incentivized to route dental practices, they typically remove tanks before they are empty, resulting in enormous waste and unnecessary cost to the customer. Tech Air provides dental clients with two tanks, and instructs clients to call for a replacement tank when they switch to the reserve tank for efficient, continuous service. This ensures that 100% of the product is used before the tank is replaced. A friendly, courteous team member is dispatched the same day or next morning to install the replacement tank. Customers are pro- vided with contact information to call the Tech Air team directly anytime, day or night, so convenient, uninterrupted service is ensured at all times. Tech Air Dallas & McKinney serves dental practices all across North Texas, west as far as Stephenville, east to Terrell, north to Denton and south to Corsicana. Tech Air clients feel confident that their gas supplier is a trusted, professional member of their team who is helping to serve their practice and protect the bot- tom line. They rely on TechAir to provide personal, individualized service with the highest integrity. Tech Air takes pride in providing courteous, professional service. We work hard to maximize convenience for you, your patients and | NORTH TEXAS DENTISTRY 33