North Texas Dentistry Volume 8 Issue 3 2018 ISSUE 3 DE - Page 22

practice marketing IS THERE A DISCONNECT IN YOUR Imagine you’re at a park enjoying an outdoor sum- mer concert. You’ve been sitting in the sun for a few hours and you’re hot and thirsty. You get up to look for a water fountain. As you look around, you notice a snow cone vendor has pulled their truck up near the entrance to the park. A cold snow cone sounds fantastic, so you head that way. As you approach the truck, you smell pastries and hot oil. When you step up to place your order you PRACTICE’S MARKETING? by Marc Fowler see them cooking funnel cakes in a deep fryer. “One watermelon snow cone,” you say anyway. “Sorry, no snow cones”, they reply. “We only sell fun- nel cakes. We bought this truck from a snow cone vendor and haven’t had time to change the adver- tising wrap.” The advertising promised a cold, refreshing snow cone. Instead, they were pushing hot, deep-fried 22 NORTH TEXAS DENTISTRY | funnel cakes. You walk away disappointed.