North Texas Dentistry Volume 8 Issue 2 2018 ISSUE 2 DE - Page 6

cover feature Dr. Alsmadi's extensive studying and teaching in universities has equipped him to provide highly successful anesthesia and comfortable, often pain-free root canal treatment. Erasing Old Stereotypes of Endodontic Care R Tariq Alsmadi, BDS, DMD oot canal therapy has never enjoyed great pop- ularity, and because of its negative associa- tions, some patients have begun seeking extraction and implants even for cases when RCT may be the most appropriate choice. After many years of research, there are many studies supporting the choice of RCT, it is the natural thing to do, saving the natural tooth and reinforcing it with a crown to have that tooth last and function for many years. 6 NORTH TEXAS DENTISTRY | by Tina Cauller Some of the most common negative perceptions about root canals are being erased by changes in the way endodontic treat- ment is provided. According to endodontist Dr. Tariq Alsmadi, “We are now able to provide better, more comfortable endodon- tic care than ever before and we’ve dramatically improved our ability to relieve the fear and anxiety that our patients have about root canal treatment.” Patients often anticipate that RCT will be painful based either on stories they have heard or their own experience. Dr. Alsmadi