North Texas Dentistry Volume 7 Issue 3 NTD 2017 ISSUE 3 DE - Page 7

xygen and nitrous oxide are essential to pa- tient safety and comfort in the modern den- tal practice. When everything is functioning properly, medical gases probably don’t com- mand much of your attention. But each link in the supply chain – delivery, setup, maintenance, equipment, training, or billing – must perform at peak efficiency to provide consistent day-to-day convenience and crucial reliability in the event of an emergency. With Tech Air’s entrance into the Texas gas supply marketplace, dental practices will experience the advantages of customer-first service excellence and a longstand- ing commitment to quality. O Tech Air “Tech Air is a family-run business, with family values at the cen- ter of everything we do. We operate on the solid principles of respect, quality, hard work and dedication – an approach that has enabled us to thrive and grow in recent years. As our cus- tomers embrace our vision, we have sought new ways to serve them.” Today, with strong financial backing, Tech Air sees con- tinued opportunities to extend their customer-first approach to service excellence. During the last twenty-four months, Tech Air has acquired Gas & Alloy Supply (Dallas), McGinnis Welding Supply (Wichita Falls), US Oxygen Supply (Arlington), and Hereford Welding Tech Air has been a leading provider of industrial, medical and specialty gases, equipment and supplies since 1935. Tech Air has been providing the highest quality products, outstanding customer service and expert technical support to customers throughout the United States for decades. According to Jeff Palmer, President of Tech Air Western Region, “Tech Air takes great pride in our people, our products and the value we offer our customers. We also take pride in our industry and take every step to represent ourselves and our peers to the best of our abilities.” Tech Air provides its clients with medical and industrial gas in bulk, micro bulk and cylinders, and uses only the latest model tanks and units. NORTH TEXAS DENTISTRY | 7