North Texas Dentistry Volume 5 Issue 6 - Page 19

Dr. Pranali Patil, BDS MSD Pre-op x-ray: Long cast-metal post Post-op x-ray: Cast metal post and crown removed; Post and core build-up with a new fiber post. Pre-op x-ray: Active metal post; Ledged canals Pre-op x-ray: Active metal post under a PFM crown; Apical radiolucency Post-op x-ray after metal post removal; Lateral canal found Dr. Patil is a graduate of the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine in Cleveland Ohio, where she received her Masters and Certificate in Endodontics. A dentist since 2009, Dr. Patil is an active member of the American Dental Association and a Board-eligible endodontist with the American Association of Endodontists. During her endodontic residency, she received several awards such as the Ohio Dental Association award and the Nabil Bissada Award. Irrigants being an essential part of endodontic treatment, Dr. Patil developed an interest in the use of endodontic irrigants. Her research on the determination of mutagenicity of precipitates formed by the combined use of irrigants was published in the Australian Endodontic Journal in January 2015. Post-op x-ray: Metal post removed; Post and core buildup with a new fiber post Apicoectomy P ɽ