North Texas Dentistry Volume 5 Issue 6 - Page 14

team building THE TEAM his is for all you current and future practice owners out there. Yes, you take care of your patients every day. You also operate a small business. I know how it is. I take care of my clients every day and I also operate a small business. Most of the time taking care of my clients is a lot easier than running the business. I’m guessing that most of you often feel that way about your practice. It can be challenging. T When Terri and I decided to open our insurance agency, another business owner and good friend told me that I would make decisions sometimes that would be like taking a match to a big stack of cash. He told me not to sweat it, that it was just part of the package but to definitely learn from it. Sure enough, I’ve experienced a money fire or two and one of the things I’ve learned is that to be truly successful it takes a team. Good employees for certain, but a good team includes advisors from across the spectrum. I’m always on the lookout for good advisors. 14 NORTH TEXAS DENTISTRY | by Kyle Wallace You know dentistry like I know insurance. I feel confident in that statement. We have other skills as well, but for most of us that doesn’t include successfully running a business entirely on our own. That’s pretty much impossible. Still, there is a tendency toward trying to do things on our own that we’re simply not qualified to do in an effort to save money. Sometimes it works out to some lesser degree and sometimes you might as well have just gone straight for the matches. Even now, every once in a while I consider taking on a project for the business that’s arguably outside my skill set. Why not, I’m a business man, right? Terri is quick to suggest that I focus on insurance while she finds the right person for the job. Focusing on my already developed skills is how I can have the greatest impact on the success of our business. Sure, there’s a price to pay for expert help. I’ll argue all day long that the cost is always going to be less than the money you burn trying to do things on your own.