North Texas Dentistry Volume 5 Issue 2 - Page 6

Photo by Ray Bryant, Bryant Studios cover feature Cracking the Code to Your Competitive Advantage OrthoDent 3D Imaging M by Tina Cauller odern orthodontic treatment has advanced by leaps and bounds with the advent of new imaging and treatment planning technology. However, all of these advances have required practices to invest in costly equipment (and the space to house it), cumbersome software, and staff training. The equipment and the ability to operate it must be maintained through constant attention, education and expense. Now, for the first time, dental practitioners can access highly sophisticated technology without a substantial investment in equipment, time, or training. With the release of their three newest products, OrthoDent 3D Imaging serves as a bridge between practices and cutting edge technology, giving doctors access to the latest orthodontic treatment with greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness and convenience than ever before. All three products are provided in a flexible manner that allows dental professionals to customize their level of involvement. 6 NORTH TEXAS DENTISTRY | OrthoDent serves as the interface between the practice and product and can provide as much or as little support as the doctor desires with imaging, software and IT. Virtually Straight – Clear Aligner Alternative The brilliant application of CAD/CAM technology to virtually design straight teeth on a computer and then create clear custom orthodontic aligners was a game-changing innovation in the modern world of orthodontics. While it certainly appealed to patients who wanted to avoid the look of traditional metal braces, the treatment was too costly to be feasible for every patient. The orthodontic world is now taking another leap into the future with OrthoDent’s release of Virtually Straight. Instead of just delivering trays, Virtually Straight puts super-accurate 3D