North Texas Dentistry Volume 5 Issue 2 - Page 18

RESULTS Working With the Right Team Brings Dentistry If you work with or sell to the dental industry in North Texas, promote your business or service in North Texas ORY E COVER ST FEATUR “I thoroughly enjoyed putting the article together this past year honoring my father, his life and the legacy that he left all of us to balance our lives daily with work, play, love and worship. He felt that if these areas of life were in balance that we would all lead a life of greater contentment. Working alongside LuLu and the North Texas Dentistry team was a true joy and they made the experience a very special one for me.” – Sloan Hildebrand, DDS ISING INT ADVERT PR ILES STOM PROF CU “LuLu is a lulu! The entire North Texas Dentistry team is a dream to work with. They couldn’t be better!” – Lorin Berland, DDS “LuLu Stavinoha and her staff at North Texas Dentistry magazine produced an outstanding article with incredible photos about our office. Our referring dentists and