North Texas Dentistry Volume 5 Issue 2 - Page 15

Additionally, according to in their annual local Google ranking factors study, it also changed the order of importance for strong rankings – here are the top five for competitive markets (which DFW most definitely is): 1 2 3 4 5 Domain authority of website (having a high quality website with relevant information) Consistency of structured citations (have correct directory listings) Quality/Authority of inbound links to your website (other websites pointing to yours) Quality/Authority of structured citations (having high quality directory listings) Proper category associations (are you listed under the proper categories in online directories?) big prediction: Mobile Optimization will be even MORE important We’ve said it before (many times) and we’ll say it again (and probably again). Mobile optimization for your site is so important to online marketing success. Up until this point, the easy way to do that was to simply build a responsive website for your practice – ensuring that it will look beautiful and function on any device. That is still 100% true and we absolutely advocate for that. However, a simple responsive site isn’t enough for Google these days. Here is what else Google is considering when it reviews your site: How long a potential patient stays on your site. Let’s say a potential patient searches Google for braces, she finds your site on her mobile device but can’t easily find the detailed information she is looking for and can’t quickly see how to call for an appointment. She hastily clicks the back arrow and chooses the next practice listing in her Google search. It’s as simple as that. Clearly you see how you initially lose out on patient appointments due to bad website content and design. But, did you know that Google is keeping track of this as well? That’s right. It’s called your site’s “bounce rate” and if they see that people aren’t staying on your site long enough, they’ll deem your site to have a bad “user experience” and penalize you accordin