North Texas Dentistry Volume 4 Issue 4 - Page 9

tial pitfalls enables him to help dentists avoid costly mistakes. “Dental school graduates usually experience a lot of pent-up consumerism when they first get out of school. However, dentistry requires more costly, sophisticated equipment now than it used to years ago, so start up is very capital-intensive,” he notes. “Many young dentists are juggling a lot of debt and starting a new career, maybe buying a new home and starting a family as well. This is a critical time – it is more imperative than ever to fine tune your business practices and know how to set a budget and stick to it.” Putting clients in the driver’s seat While dentists tend to be independent by nature, Bland Garvey’s clients find it easy to quickly establish a trusting relationship. Bland Garvey’s approach helps dentists build a real understanding and insight into their own financials. They appreciate the high level of transparency afforded by being able to secure