North Texas Dentistry Volume 4 Issue 4 - Page 7

cessful business. We help them examine their vision of the future and then bring proven business processes to their practice that will support their personal and professional goals.” Bland Garvey helps clients build knowledge about the fundamentals and dispels common myths and fallacies that can hinder good business practices. “For clients who lack business experience or who just need accurate, current information, we can help by providing basic education on business principles like banking, debt service, and human resources. To augment that information, we make sure they are informed and up to date on the best tax and accounting practices. It’s rare that a dentist emerges from school with an adequate understanding of these fundamentals, but it is critical to business success and a strong future.” The Wealth Management team makes sure the clients know what fees they are paying, their rate of return after costs, and their current asset allocation. Pictured John Garvey, Jr., Bill Kaiser, Julie Jarvis and Norma Spencer. Solid advice backed by research When John Garvey meets with the firm’s new wealth management clients, he takes time to help them thoughtfully address the questions that matter and filter out distractions that don’t. With his patient guidance, they can make informed, deliberate decisions that feel right and are based on sound science. Clients also benefit from the experience of Lori Eads, who has been named three times by her clients as a top-ranked 5-star wealth manager in Texas Monthly magazine. The new offices of Bland Garvey are welcoming to clients and designed for comfort and efficiency. | NORTH TEXAS DENTISTRY Photos by Ray Bryant, Bryant Studios “This first discussion is the cornerstone of the deep client relationships we build,” Lori notes. “Then, if we mutually agree that we 7