North Texas Dentistry Volume 4 Issue 4 - Page 6

Photo by Ray Bryant, Bryant Studios John Garvey, Jr. and John Garvey,Sr. represent a second-generation family business. cover feature For the Life of Your Practice Bland Garvey Accountants, Consultants & Wealth Advisors by Tina Cauller Accounting Tax Advising Wealth Management 401(k) Retirement Planning Buyer Representation Startup Practices The landscape of the dental field has changed dramatically over the last decade. It is not uncommon for graduates to emerge from dental school with a debt burden rivaling the GDP of Denmark. And, while graduates typically face a substantial initial capital expenditure for sophisticated technology, massive debt often impacts their ability to purchase and save for the future. Even for established dental practices, the rise of corporate dentistry and challenging regulatory changes have introduced additional pressure upon fee structures and staff recruitment. The bottom line? Dentists at all stages of their careers must have a well-designed game plan in place. Enter the accountants and consultants at Bland Garvey, PC who provide evidencebased, client-centered guidance for dentists in all phases of the practice life cycle, from start up, purchase and associateship through sale and retirement. As John Garvey explains, “Most dentists enter the profession with a wealth of knowledge about dentistry. Unfortunately, they are often far less equipped to operate a suc- 6 NORTH TEXAS DENTISTRY |