North Texas Dentistry Volume 4 Issue 4 - Page 24

practice marketing PPC ADVERTISING The best way to get a bigger share of patients in the research phase When a potential patient decides to invest in highvalue dental procedures like implants or veneers, they go straight to Google, search for a few minutes and choose a random dentist on one of the first few pages of their search. Sound too good to be true? It is. While it would certainly simplify the process, it’s not at all reality and is usually much more complex. Long before your potential patients decide they want to invest in complex dental procedures to improve their smile, they can spend weeks (and even months) in the “research phase” or information gathering phase, instead of the “buying phase”, or choosing a dentist and booking their appointment, of their Google searches. But that’s okay, if you’re doing all of the right SEO marketing strategies, your site should show up in any type of search for dental services in your area, right? Nope. Again, it would make your life (and our life) simpler, but it’s not at all realistic. Your patients and everyone making a large purchasing decision, frankly, are far more complex than you think. Here’s a hypothetical story to show you how people conduct the different searches at different phases of the buying process and how it can affect your patient flow: RESEARCH PHASE SEARCHES Mary is a 62-year old woman, living in North Dallas who has never been happy with her smile. She has several missing teeth and has worn dentures for eight years, but has finally decided that they just aren’t working anymore. She’s always wanted dental implants, but hasn’t been able to afford them.