North Texas Dentistry Volume 4 Issue 4 - Page 18

practice management Time for a Mid-Year Course Correction How a successful practice is like an airliner by Roger P. Levin, DDS Until the Great Recession, dentists thought that once they graduated from dental school they would have a successful practice that grew every year. As a third-generation dentist, I saw this happen with A passenger plane takes off from Los Angeles and sets a course for the my grandfather and my father and remember airport at Honolulu, Hawaii. The flight will cover more than 2,500 miles stories about my grandfather and his colleagues and end with the plane touching down safely on a relatively small runway helping new dentists get established by sending on a little island in a very big ocean. them patients. Imagine doing that these days! It’s a different world now, one where steady growth, year after year, does not happen automatically. With changes in the economy as well as in the field of dentistry, a shocking 75% of practices have declined in the past five years. Quite a feat… especially when you consider that the plane is actually slightly off course 99% وH[YH[