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Create a Brighter Future for Your Family! Join people around the globe who are earning an income while helping friends and family to create Safe Havens. All you need to get started is your free* Starter Kit! Real People. Real Impact. MULTITASKING MOM Kick off your business with our most popular products, plus all the supplies you need to hold your first parties. • Run your own business, your own way • Receive lots of free product and a meaningful income • Earn exciting incentives and trips • Join a community of sharing and support Collec t a 35% Kristi Hamberg Senior Executive Sales Leader, Ohio D isco u n t ! Creating Safe Havens for two years When I joined Norwex, I was able to work on my business while raising my two children and teaching full-time—all while I was pregnant. I am now able to stay home with my kids, thanks to my Norwex income. I never dreamed that we could afford for me to do that! I love that it fits into my life. My kids get to spend more time with me and are watching me grow my own business. Not only am I teaching them to work hard, but also to dream big! I am so thankful for the Norwex business opportunity and all it has given my family. PERFECT FIT *Except for $9.99 Starter Kit shipping and handling fee. Becky Ward Senior Executive Sales Leader, Idaho I'm happy I followed my gut two years ago and joined as a Consultant! I have found so much joy in sharing the Norwex Mission and products with others. I have seen how it has blessed my home, and I feel that everyone deserves the same opportunity to hear and decide if this amazing company, Mission, product line and business opportunity speak to their hearts like it did mine. Creating Safe Havens for two years GAME-CHANGER Jessica Gerlach Senior Executive Sales Leader, Kansas Creating Safe Havens for two years 50 Never in a million years would I have said that I'd be in Direct Sales, let alone selling cleaning products, but it's so much bigger than that! Norwex has changed the way my family views their impact on our world. Norwex has changed the game financially for us, and I've been blessed to watch it do the same for team members. Mor B[Z[Y\\HXZ[]\HوZ\[\XۈZ\\[[[\B[܈ܙY[\Y\[ۜ˂ܝ^\HHXYKLB