North America 2017 Product Catalog US 2017 Norwex Product Catalog - Page 20

ENV I R O FAC T Traditional oven cleaners often contain highly corrosive sodium hydroxide (lye), which can lead to breathing difficulties, skin irritation, vision loss, abdominal pain and severe organ damage. Dishwashing Made Easy—Tough on Dirt, Simple for You! Bottle Brush with EnviroSleeve Quickly get bottles, vases, glassware and other hard-to-clean containers spotless. Flexible and sturdy ThermoPlastic Rubber bristles combine with an easy-grip handle in this kitchen “must have.” Layer on the EnviroSleeve that comes in the set for delicate glassware or purchase the EnviroSleeve with Scrubber for extra-tough jobs. Dishwasher safe. 1-year warranty (1 brush/1 sleeve) Bottle Brush: 4.8 cm x 31.8 cm / 1.9" x 12.5" EnviroSleeve: 7.6 cm x 11.4 cm / 3" x 4.5" Item #: 1451 $19.99 Bottle Brush Accessories EnviroSleeve (1 sleeve) Item #: 357056 $5.99 Dish Cloth Washing your dishes can be a chore, but with the specially woven, netted Dish Cloth you can do your dishes and so much more, with ease! Great for everyday use, this lightweight cloth will do some heavyduty cleaning anywhere scrubbing action is required. It’s great for removing flour, dough and other sticky substances from countertops after baking. Rinses clean and dries quickly. 100% nylon. Size: 45 cm x 45 cm / 17.72" x 17.72" $10.49 Item #: 1000 white 20 Item #: 1002 blue Dishwashing Liquid Our ultra-concentrated, natural formula is biodegradable and free from phosphates, phthalates, SLS, SLES and dyes. The gentle, sudsing formula gets your dishes spotless, even in the hardest water. Scented with essential oil of Clementine for a crisp, citrus aroma. Suitable for septic tanks. Size: 355 ml / 12 fl. oz. Item #: 1014 $9.99 Dish Mat Pile dishes high while you save time and effort and eliminate the “wet towel” dilemma. Use the handy loop to rG'FVfBbf"V77F&vRFP'vW֖7&f&W"&VVFFPW6'6&'2+FW2G2vVv@vFW"6SsS263b6#r"Br FV33s3GFRC#R㓐Vf&6VWfRvF67'V&&W"6VWfRR6FR2֖7&f&W"FRFW"267'V&'W66Srb6B62"BR FV33SsSrC㓐&GFR''W6WFV60Gv6W2f"W6RvFW"&GFR''W6FR6BvFFV2CS&fRF6v6W"6fRזV"v'&G6S6b6r""B #b62R62"B FV33Ss2CR㓒6WBb"WFV60fVbw&6VW f&VFVBf"FRFVvW7BfVBw&6VpF62F2V秖R&6VB6VW"6fVǒF76fW0&VB'W&BfBB7GV&&&w&V770f"V76VWvFWB6W7F26V֖62 gVW2N( 26w&VBf"G22B&Wv&RBv( BVfR&W6GVW2"F'2&VB6f@F7FW2ƖRB6VB6W2vFVVR7&RvFGv6WGFw27&"ff"WG&6VrvW"vFW"&6VB&FVw&F&R6S3SfFV3C3C#bC#㓐֖7&6VrBG0w&VBf"FVv6Vr'2FW6PF76&RG2&VfR7F27V627&67Vfb&2667Vw&VB֖F'BBV6&R&GV7B'&V2FvvF&W6R6S6b6"6B""R" FV33SsCbC6b #