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A Mop System for Every Space CLEAN FLOORS AND SO MUCH MORE! Keeping your home a Safe Haven can be challenging, especially with the amount of pollution, pesticides, dirt and debris you track in from outside. Replace your traditional messy mop and heavy bucket, and bring out the natural beauty of your home using only water. DES IGNED WIT H TODAY’ S B USY FAMI L IE S IN M I N D, NORWEX MOP SYST E MS: • Replace expensive floor cleaners containing harsh chemicals • Eliminate harmful chemicals on your floors, where children and pets play • Clean floors quickly and easily using only Norwex Microfiber and water • Floors dry super fast • Safe for wood, laminate, tile and vinyl • Telescopic Mop Handle extends to easily get walls, windows and other hard-to-reach areas clean, too Connect with your Norwex Consultant about how to earn a Norwex Mop System for FREE! P RO D U C T REV IEW “I absolutely adore the Ergo-Bend as a complementary item to the Superior Mop System. You can glide under couches, buffets, file cabinets and all kinds of other spaces with ease—and without having to bend over! Let the Ergo-Bend bend for you!” Mop Pads Pick Up Everything Using Only Water Emma Braford Senior Executive Sales Leader, Michigan Creating Safe Havens for two years Dry Superior Mop Pad Made of 100% microfiber, the Dry Superior Mop Pad is statically charged and will pick up the smallest particles of dirt, dust, pet hair, crumbs and more. Size: 52 cm x 15 cm / 20.47" x 5.91" large Item #: 352011 $32.99 Size: 34 cm x 15 cm / 13.39" x 5.91" small Item #: 352010 $24.99 Tile Mop Pad The Tile Mop Pad gives you extra cleaning power wet or dry on hard surfaces. Special nylon fibers are woven into our microfiber pad to make removing dirt and debris from tile floors quick and easy. Size: 52 cm x 14 cm / 20.47" x 5.51" large Item #: 350106 $32.99 Size: 32 cm x 14 cm / 12.6" x 5.51" small Item #: 350105 $24.99 LARGE Superior Mop Starter System: (1) Telescopic Handle (1) Large Mop Base (1) Large Wet Mop Pad (1) Large Dry Superior Mop Pad Item #: 1209 Retail price: $127.96 $112.99 SMALL Superior Mini Mop System: (1) Telescopic Handle (1) Small Mop Base (1) Small Wet Mop Pad (1) S  mall Dry Superior Mop Pad Item #: 1210 Retail price: $104.96 $94.99 12 Wet Mop Pad The microfiber Wet Mop Pad is ideal for washing floors and walls. After using, remove pad from base, rinse and hang to dry. The pad does not need to be laundered after every use—only when the front inch of the pad edge becomes soiled. Size: 52 cm x 14 cm / 20.47" x 5.51" large Item #: 350001 $32.99 Size: 32 cm x 14 cm / 12.6" x 5.51" small Item #: 350000 $24.99 Ergo-Bend Extend your reach even further with the flexible and convenient Ergo-Bend mop attachment, and mop and dust around your home with the greatest of ease! Helps you reach the dust bunnies beneath couches, beds and other large furniture. Simply attach the Ergo-Bend to your Mop Base and Telescopic Mop Handle, and give your home the deep, powerful clean it deserves, without having to bend, stoop or squat! Mop Base, Telescopic Mop Handle and Mop Pads not included. Size: 2  2.86 cm / 9" Item #: 356401 $39.99 13