Norman Business Journal Q2//19 - Page 36

Quick Quiz Coffee or Tea? Coffee. Lunch out of the office or at your desk? Out of the office. Flowers delivered to work… Like or Dislike? Doesn’t happen often, but definitely Like!  Come in early or Stay Late? Early. Gym or Happy Hour? I use to go to the gym after work, but that got in the way of my happy hours, so now I gym in the morning so I can happy hour whenever. Both!  Call or Text? Depends on who it is. Call or Email? Usually both. I mean I work in sales. Favorite Social Media Platform? Instagram! Who doesn’t love good photos? Favorite Mid-day Snack? Protein bar or some sort of nut. Laser focused or easily distracted? Easily distracted. I mean I work with Cody! Books or Magazines? MAGAZINES! Newspaper or News Online? Both. photo by Cody Giles 36 | Quarter 2 // 2019