Norman Business Journal Q2//19 - Page 35

What all do you really do in fulfilling this role? So my actual jobs are many. I have a team of anywhere from 7-10 people that make up my department. I get to help them grow and manage their responsibilities every day. They all have different roles and are at different stages in their career paths, so it can be very challenging. Managing a sales team of any size is no easy feat. It sometimes weirds me out that they all come to me thinking that I have all the answers. But after 13 years, I guess I know more than I think. I am also the ‘Creative Director’ of Norman Magazine. This means that I am responsible in making sure that the magazine makes money, has great content and beautiful photos, looks good and gets out of the door on time. Having Cody on my team has been a saving grace, mostly because it was like pulling teeth to get Caleb to do anything for the magazine because well, he’s a newspaper man. It took Cody and I awhile to get in our work flow, and boy did he have to earn his spot, but he’s a rock star now and I happily delegate stuff to him and let him manage the daily tasks. I also have a habit of creating new magazines every couple of years to publish. I work from passion, so when I run out of passion for something, it’s on to the next! My magazine portfolio, other than Norman Magazine, includes Abner (anyone remember that one?), Norman KIDS magazine, Buying + Living real estate magazine, Norman, INC Chamber magazine and this one, NBJ! Sometimes my job includes manning the Transcript complaint calls, organizing Transcript parties and holiday meals, attending events around town to represent the Transcript and, sometimes, having to defend her honor when a particular group is unhappy with us. Overall, nobody’s job is exactly as it’s written, but we all find things we love and are passionate about and that’s what keeps this place fun! What is your favorite thing about working at The Norman Transcript? I love what I do and the people I get to do it with. My sales team and everyone in my department are great people whom I enjoy being around. I also have a great boss in Mark Millsap and that makes everything I do so much easier. We have a fairly young group of leaders in a very old school business and so it’s refreshing to brainstorm with them and bring new life to some old ideas. | Quarter 2 // 2019 35