Norman Business Journal Q2//19 - Page 33

Quick Quiz Coffee or Tea? Coffee. The redcoats can keep their tea. Lunch out of the office or at your desk? Lunch out of the office or at your desk? 50-50. Flowers delivered to work… Like or Dislike? Like. Lilies in particular. (Flowers are awesome. I loved studying botany and more dudes should admit the truth: everybody likes getting flowers.)  Come in early or Stay Late? Late. But working well means being efficient, too. Being efficient means avoiding Cody Giles, a sworn acolyte of the office-fabricated deity Procrastinos. Gym or Happy Hour? Happy hour.  Call or Text? Call. Call or Email? Call. Favorite Social Media Platform? I think they’re actually a net negative for society and I would probably delete everything if I didn’t use them so much for work. Old man style loathing aside, if I had to choose, Facebook. Favorite Mid-day Snack? Cuties. (the little oranges). Indulgent: Dark-chocolate covered almonds mixed with lemon cream covered almonds. (Perfect ratio is 2:1 favoring lemon cream. Get ‘em at Sprouts and mix together in one bag. Seriously. It’s amazing.) Laser focused or easily distracted? Varies based on sleep, motivation and the lunar cycle. But usually laser focused. Books or Magazines? Books. Newspaper or News Online? Porque no los dos? photo by Cody Giles | Quarter 2 // 2019 33