Norman Business Journal Q2//19 - Page 29

Quick Quiz Coffee or Tea? Haha coffee... 100 percent. I drink it constantly. Not because I’m addicted to caffeine or anything. I mean, I can stop whenever I want to. Flowers delivered to work… Like or Dislike? I got flowers once, and it was a lot of fun. I enjoy them. Send me tulips. Come in early or Stay Late? Used to be a stay late kind of guy, always. Now I’m trying to come in early. Gym or Happy Hour? I actually like lifting weights. But I certainly participate in happy hour more often. If we’re talking about the Sonic happy hour where drinks are half-price. Call or Text? Ugh, text. I think we’ve switched as a society to the point where a phone call is the most disruptive form of communication. Call or Email? Telegram. Favorite Social Media Platform? For me and all other journalists, it’s Twitter. It’s the perfect combination of self-loathing, snarky comebacks and dog photos. Favorite Mid-day Snack? Is coffee a snack? Laser focused or easily distracted? Laser focused. Unless there’s a dog around. Books or Magazines? Books, books, books. The Hobbit, Cat’s Cradle and The Wind in the Willows are some of my favorites. Newspaper or News Online? Love the physical feel of print. There’s a tangible element to reading, whether a book, newspaper or magazine, that I miss online. photo by Cody Giles | Quarter 2 // 2019 29 Lunch out of the office or at your desk? Out of the office. There are no windows in the newsroom, like a Las Vegas casino. The overlords don’t want us knowing what time of day it is. I have to see the sky from time to time.