Norman Business Journal Q2//19 - Page 27

What is your favorite thing about working at The Norman Transcript? A little bit of everything. I write stories, edit copy, take photos, design (or “paginate” as we call it) newspaper pages and special sections, load stories to our website and post stories to our social media accounts. There’s also a public relations element to my job: I get about a dozen phone calls a day and a few hundred emails. Both Mark and I think it’s important that I’m out in the community on a regular basis. I’ve graduated from the Norman Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Norman program (LN17, best class ever!), I’ve been a member of the Norman Rotary Club for three years, and I visit a variety of organizations and meetings throughout the week.  I also manage 10 other people, which is always a unique and challenging experience. Every one is different, they are motivated in different ways and need different feedback in order to grow. I truly try to lead by example and not by mandate. I believe people in charge shouldn’t have to remind people they’re in charge if they’re leading properly. Every single day is different. Sure, there’s structure, but at any given moment, something significant can happen. You’re suddenly covering breaking news, you have an important story drop in your lap, an open records request you filed comes in… the list goes on and on. There’s really nothing like pursuing a major story or breaking news, working with staff to craft a strong, balanced, accurate story that informs our readers about something important going on in their community. Journalism is a unique profession: we have plenty of average days, but on good days we can change the communities we live in, and on great days we can change the world. What all do you really do in fulfilling this role? What was the first job you ever had? I did demolition as like a freshman in high school. If you’ve never torn fiberglass insulation out of an attic in July in Texas, have you truly lived?  My first journalism job was in the marketing communications department at Texas A&M University-Commerce as a student. | Quarter 2 // 2019 27