Norman Business Journal Q2//19 - Page 25

Welcome to Norman Business Journal t’s time to get back to business… literally. That’s what we told ourselves at the beginning of this year as we reflected on the current state of our products. Publisher Mark Millsap, Transcript editor, Caleb Slinkard and I had all, at separate times last year, been confronted about our business section in the newspaper and how we hadn’t been putting our best efforts into it as of late. Feedback, however constructive, can be hard to take sometimes. Especially in our business when it’s just one more thing that people gripe about. But this time, we had to listen. Our community was holding us accountable and they were right. We needed to do something about it. So we are. We are making changes to our business section and so much more! The biggest change is the addition of this magazine, Norman Business Journal, or NBJ for short. We wanted to provide a platform that will allow local businesses and professionals to enjoy content that is specific to them, and where they could hopefully find some good takeaways. It will feature local businesses that service other businesses, and will profile local headshots of the NBJ team courtesy Ryan Lassiter professionals allowing you to get to know them in a way that you never have before. This magazine is also a platform for businesses to share and contribute to the content as well. We accept event information, employee and staff changes such as hirings, promotions, milestones and retirements, article contributions and much more. Anything that you would like to share with other businesses and professionals in our community is welcome! As we worked on getting this first issue out, we needed a great cover story. I had a not-so-popular idea of featuring ourselves and the purpose behind this magazine as the cover story, and while it may not be great to some, I felt it was important. I have spent almost 8 years working on our magazines and asking people to allow us to feature them, their businesses and their stories in our pages. It’s a lot of fun and super flattering to some who jump at the chance to be featured, but it’s a big ask to others. It can take a lot to put yourself out there for all to see. And so I thought that it was time that we step out from behind the scenes and put ourselves and our stories out there. It’s only fair right? We took this opportunity to fill out the professional profile questions that we will be asking others in upcoming issues. Some of them are longer than others, so I think you’ll know who the writers of the group are. And why just us four you ask? The four of us are the people behind the magazine and the Sunday Business Journal section of the newspaper. Any questions, comments or advertising inquiries should be directed towards us. Along with this new magazine, we have completely reworked our Sunday business section into the Sunday Business Journal. It will now be a 12-page weekly section that has pages filled with local business and real estate content that we believe to be valuable for the entire community. We hope you enjoy this magazine every quarter, and the Sunday Business Journal every week in the newspaper. Enjoy reading it all, and then it’s back to business! Please send all business-related information to submissions@ In a world of selfies, one-shot sessions, and infamous “seatbelt in your Linkedin Profile Picture” fiascoes, defining Image has sworn to rid Oklahoma of bad headshots, one client at a time. Trained by the best in the world, photographer Ryan Lassiter uses real-time feedback, in-depth coaching, and proven techniques to make his clients look better in every picture they take. Your image is your digital first impression; start with a fantastic headshot by defining Image! d e f i n i n g I by Rebekah COLLINS, Advertising Manager, The Norman Transcript I m a g e | Quarter 2 // 2019 25