Norman Business Journal Q2//19 - Page 13

our clients’ social media posts, showcasing their reviews, testimonials, and content about employee satisfaction have very high engagement. It’s also very easy to copy and paste a Google Review to Facebook or create a simple graphic with the positive review. Strategy #4: Have a Process to Get Reviews: Strategy #5: Highlight the Best Reviews on Your Website When you do receive five-star reviews from your customers, you can highlight their feedback on your website, so visitors don’t have to go hunting for it. Sometimes you can highlight your reviews by adding a widget linking to your Facebook or Google account. This also helps with the search engine optimization of your website. Adding your reviews creates an additional level of transparency your customers will appreciate. It also builds immediate credibility to new potential customers. Now that you’ve learned just a handful of tactics you can use to help your small businesses reputation online, go ahead and do some Google searches like ‘[your company name] reviews.’ See what you find, read them, respond to them, and use them to improve your business. Even if you’re selling $20 kites, you’d be amazed at what an impact it can have for customer acquisition. Looking for more great tips on Reputation Management? McMahon Marketing has a free download called: The Ultimate Guide To Online Reviews at guide-to-online-reviews Korey McMahon is the CEO of McMahon Marketing and author of Bottom Line Marketing. Prior to starting the nationally recognized agency, Korey began his career as a professional snowboarder and marketer for Mountain Dew. Specializing in inbound marketing, McMahon helps businesses scale and grow with lead generating content. Having a process to obtain reviews from customers can be a simple as handing them a business card asking them to write a review. I have seen many small businesses do this and obtain hundreds of reviews. I also have seen companies with a video camera set up in their office where they capture video testimonials right there on the spot. Our company has done both of these but the most effective so far has been an online system that emails and texts customers after they do business with us asking for a review. This systematic approach has been huge for our company and we have seen a 300 percent increase in five- star reviews in the first six months of implementing.