Norman Business Journal Q2//19 - Page 11

Levant Technologies team expertly grasped and executed his website vision. And it all started with a face-to-face meeting. “The amount of time I invested in it was really minimal,” he said. “We had a nice sit-down conversation and then they took it and ran with it.” Snodgrass said the impact of having one less thing to worry about because you have a company you can trust handling your website can’t be overstated. “I felt like I didn’t have to worry about because we took the time to get it right the first time,” he said. Former CEO Stacy Eads said Oklahomans, and Normanites in particular, love to support local businesses. Eads, who served as an on-staff CEO for the last decade and recently transitioned to her own consulting firm, said that’s in line with what Levant Technologies is all about. After all, it’s a locally-owned business. Company founder and owner Tarek Dina is a Lebanese immigrant who attended the University of Oklahoma. The company’s name is an homage to his own roots. The Levant is a geographic region in the Middle East that is part of the fertile crescent — the “cradle of civilization.”