NOREV Catalogue 2019 - Page 93

Are all Porsche cars built in Zuffenhausen ? No, at the beginning, the first cars were built in Gmünd/Austria. Whilst the company headquarters were located in Zuffenhausen near Stuttgart since 1938, Porsche was forced to move its facilities to Gmünd in 1944 in order to avoid Allied bombardment. So, between 1948 and 1951, only 53 cars were hand built in the Porsche Austrian factory. In 1950, factory lines are moved back to Zuffenhausen, which still is the heart of Porsche production facilities. Since 2002, Porsche owns a second plant in Leipzig, where the Panamera and Macan are produced. What was Porsche’s biggest success in motorsport ? Few companies have been more successful in motorsport than Porsche. 18 overall victories in Le Mans, 100 Le Mans class wins, 10 World Sports Car / Endurance Championships, 8 Targa Florio wins, 3 Rally Monte Carlo Wins, 2 Formula 1 drivers titles with McLaren… you name it ! What makes the 911 a myth ? At its 8th generation, the "Elfer" remains true to itself since it was introduced in 1964 - not only in its layout as a rear-engined vehicle, but also in its design. The consistent development of the rear engine concept turned the 911, originally difficult to control for normal drivers, into a true handling wonder that offers outstanding performance in every situation. This, not only, has a positive effect on the customer on the road, but also explains the huge success of the 911 in motorsport. The original design by "Butzi" Porsche can be described as timeless. It only required a few adjustments to keep up with the spirit of our times. The high level of recognition guarantees that the cars of each series are immediately identifiable as Porsche 911s. 187575 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 1977 Olive Green 91