NOREV Catalogue 2019 - Page 7

Lyon - FRANCE NOREV 1945 - 2019 Over 60 years of experience in model cars Norev, the oldest independent and family-owned company in the miniature car industry, is a striking example of what a total of 230 workers in France, Germany and China can achieve by combining technical know-how and (still manual) operations. The values that drive each of our business projects : Quality, Solidity and Accuracy are still as important today as they were in 1953 when the Veron brothers made their first miniature car. Over 60 years later, Norev products, with these inherent values, have become the pleasure of playing or collecting beautiful objects that remain timeless for everyone. Today, the Norev range has over 600 designs. We are looking forward to presenting you with an up-to-date range of toys and model cars, including models that have already been successful and more recent models that may become tomorrow’s classics. Axel Fischer CEO Norev 5