Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2019 - Page 9

Senate Properties, known as the main caretaker of the real estate assets of the State, is presently engaged in numerous high-pro- file projects around the country. The most visible undertaking is the remaking of Central Pasila, as ambitious high-rise architec- ture will be introduced to the area. Pages 34–35. Turku is eager to continue the integration of corporate and aca- demic worlds in the Turku Science Park, one of the biggest and oldest science parks in Finland. Turku Science Park wants to con- tinue its integration into the nearby downtown area via a deck construction which allows for a variety of hybrid construction. Pages 44–46. 36 SRV brings hybrid edge to its profile projects – and renews focus on customer experience 38 Brains for Buildings – The emergence of smart real estate is helping the industry reinvent itself in a big way 42 KONE turned to its customers to create the next wave of People Flow solutions for smart buildings 44 From downtown to Science Park and beyond: Turku Advances on All Fronts 46 In the Pipeline: One Hour Train 47 RE Finland: Gathering of the Tribes 48 Culture is deeply integrated into the DNA of any true city – and Helsinki is showing the way 54 Real estate market maintains momentum 56 Company Business Cards Nordicum 9